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Likes & Loathes // #2

My second week likes and loathes post - the first seemed to be a huge hit as I was inundated with emails the next morning. I'm so glad you liked the little change up sweeties. 


1. Genius Denby Dale Pies // These are gluten-free frozen (gasp) pies that I get from ASDA's and I'm seriously addicted too. I eat these every day in order to increase my calories and to raise my energy levels. Prior to being diagnosed with celiacs, I would have shuddered at the thought of eating frozen pies but these truly taste homemade. Their bliss! 

2. Leonor Greyl Pre-Shampoo Oil // I've been using this regularly and it's really made a huge difference to my hair. It still sheds a lot but the hair I do have seems softer, healthier and stronger. It also doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down or greasy which are major benefits because a lot of hair oils and moisturisation products do this. 

3. H&M // I just loved this store, I can never just go and buy one thing though as I always come out with a whole outfit and something for my sons. I just wished they catered to us petite ladies and offered more double duvet sets as it seems to be all singles.

4. Ebay // I've always loved me some eBay however when things come up that need a quick purchase it always reminds me how much I love the website. Christmas typically is my eBay love season however the last week has reignited that passion. I had to purchase all of Bodhi's new items - puppy clothing, bowls, toys, lead, collar, crate, playpen, dog bed etc and managed it all brand new for just under £60! that's crazy amazing. Mucho's love to ya Ebay. 

5. Pinterest // Seriously addicted but I like it. I must pin hundreds of relevant pictures daily especially with SS14, our new home decor and must makes all needing considerable thought and planning. 

6. L'Occitane // I am absolutely loving the new L'Occitane Scented Creams, there's three in the collection - Vanilla Bouquet, Rose Heart, and Zesty Lime. My sons love the Vanilla Bouquet because it reminds them of frosting, I personally love the Zesty Lime especially in the morning. I will be posting more on these so keep your eyes peeled. 

7. Artwork by Angie // Browsing for pretty illustrations and cards (to frame) for our new home and Mother's Day and I came across this awesome business. It's pretty, modern and it's very cute - you guys are going to love it her Folksy shop is here

8. Other Blogs // This year I wanted to find some new blogs to read and I did, I actually found a ton of awesome blogs that continually put out great features regularly, here are some of my go-to blogs. Free People Blog - I Heart Organizing - Decor8 - Moon to Moon and Oh No Rachio

9. Cosmic Ordering // I've been a cosmic ordered for around 12 years, I'm also Wiccan so a lot of the mindset comes with that but I find it helps to keep me looking forward, positive and it does really work. I've ordered for others and they've been gobsmacked when it's happened so much so even the least 'hippy' or 'spiritual' types have started doing it themselves. Would this be something you guys wanted me to cover on the blog? 

10. Wallpaper Direct // I've used Wallpaper Direct for years and I don't think I'd go anywhere else now. Their range is incredible, you can order free A4 samples (limited amounts at one time, but if you need more just add 2 to the basket and then checkout and then do it all over again). Their courier service is speedy, they accept Paypal and there are so many wonderful [affordable] designs that I have my eyes on for the new house. It's a delight to browse the site. 


1. Google+ // I popped onto Google+ through sheer fluke, I never ever use it and was slightly horrified to find all of my photos were on there? I just couldn't figure out how since I hadn't put them there. Family photo's as well as what seemed like all of my blog photos, so me being the privacy maven that I am proceeded to delete them all. I got through a few hundred and it was then bedtime. Woke up the next morning to find that every time I deleted a photo from Google+ it was actually deleting the images from my blog!! I was close to tears on Sunday let me tell you but I'm slowly working my way through old posts to put back the images. If you see a post with a grey line instead of a picture can you pop a comment on it so I can fix it. Lesson learnt anyway and it's made me hate Google+ even more now. 

2. London Events // I get invited to so many incredible beauty events that all seem to be in London, I know it's no ones fault but I wish I could go to them *huffs* Alas I can't so I shall just stick to my online oogling of beauty products. Everything happens for a reason huh. 

3. Sickness // I have three poorly little boys this week, we've not got out of the house, it's been a nightmare trying to get them to eat and the constant sickness and cleaning has left me super tired. As a parent there's nothing worse than seeing your babies ill and not being able to take it away for them. Onwards and upwards. 

4. Packing // Due to us moving home we've had to start packing (of course) getting boxes these days is no easy feat and the price of boxes is ridiculous. I'm a planner and organiser so the thought of packing away our home slowly leaves me feeling a bit out of joint as I know I'll pack things and most probably need them again before the move - arghghg, the disorganisation of it all isn't a great feeling. 

5. Sleepless Nights // There are days where I don't get much sleep, feeling sore, stressed or ill usually leaves me clocking not many beauty hours in each night. I do meditate, I live as stress free as I can and sometimes it's not enough. You may see me talking more about holistic beauty, tips or alternative topics as I try to recover the best work/play and sleep balance in my l

6. Certain Hair Oils // I've always loved the effects of Argan oil in my hair and because of this I frivolously tried another hair oil. Well it's actually a body and hair oil, 

7. Customer Service // Does anyone else think the standard of customer service has decreased drastically over the last few years? Is it just because I'm getting older? I know I would never have got away with acting like how many employees especially in retail act towards customers these days. Respect and manners cost nothing, popping on a smile exercises your facial muscles so why do so many find it so hard to do. Oh gawd I do sound old huh. 

8,9 & 10. Blank // You know I was so surprised to find I couldn't fill the loathes for this week. I have tried for days to think of what things have disappointed or irked me and I can't think of anything more, as a blog post that's not great but I suppose it does mean this has been a great week. 

How was your week sweeties? 


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