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L'Occitane | Neroli & Orchidee Perfume

Neroli and Ylang Ylang are my favourite essential oil and perfume notes, together they are very feminine and sexy and individually they're just as equally potent. I will always give a fragrance a chance if it contains either of these notes and L'Occitane Neroli & Orchidee Eau De Toilette contains one of the two,  guess which one? 

The Neroli & Orchidee fragrance is apart of the Neroli & Orchidee Collection. This collection is fresh, feminine and rich and the inspiration comes from precious essences coming together, faraway lands and true love. It's so perfectly romantic for Spring, isn't it? 

I love sexy fragrances that have depth, warmth and make you feel cocooned, typically these scents are more Autumnal which is great for me at the end of the year. Come the start of the following year I tend to still adore those scents, the warm reds, burgundy's and gold-toned packaging and bottles make me feel happy but as March hits I grow bored of all the warmth that surrounds me. I crave pastels, neutral tones and earthy muted shades - fragrance wise I definitely prefer something lighter also but most Spring fragrances are either too white floral, citrus or oceanic. 

Neroli & Orchidee EDT has been created with top notes of orange and mandarin orange; middle notes are neroli, peach, fig, nectar and lily-of-the-valley and the base notes are orchid, musk and iris. 

The only way I can describe the scent is that it's like a fresh, floral hit of neroli, sunshine and then a sultry grasp of sexy woods and night time floral. Basically, it's the perfect mix of fresh, feminine and then naughty and night time notes - yin and yang in one gorgeously sexy bottle. The bottle also is wow, substantial weighted glass rectangle bottle with twisted gold rope wire around the neck and a matte gold lid. The pink perfume sets this off perfectly and it's definitely a bottle that you would put on a show. 

You can purchase these from the L'Occitane website, this would make an excellent Mother's Day gift too - it's definitely suitable for spring-summer wear as well as use at work or out on the town.  


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