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Lush // Easter Gifts, Forget The Chocolate

Lush, Easter, Chocolate and holidays - it's fair to say I'm pre-tee excited at the prospect. Although we don't celebrate Easter we do celebrate Ostara and you know that's pretty much the same thing so yay, let's all get excited for the only day of the year that it's OK to eat chocolate for your breakfast (It is OK isn't it?). 

Gifting you can't really beat Lush for alternative Easter pressie's and Lush bring it time and time again for each holiday and celebration so this holiday would be no exception. I honestly think I prefer this collection more than their Crimbo collection. 

So enough of me yabbering on, let's take a peek at their goodies. 


The Immaculate Eggception - Yellow // This giant Easter egg is the perfect surprise gift because it has a hidden bath bomb inside. Two uses and the surprise element of whether you'll receive a miniature bunny or chick bath bomb. 

The Immaculate Eggception - Pink // Just the same as the yellow version above but pink. 


Fab Fabric Wrap // Inspired by Faberge Eggs the FAB wrap will give your gifts that extra 'something' it's also reusable and wearable, dammit I'd just frame it and hang that wrap as wall art it's so Summery and pretty. 

Funny Bunny // He's a funny bunny gift set. Inside you'll find two bunnies fragranced with vanilla and made from cocoa and Shea butter; there's also a Bunch of Carrots and a Fluffy Egg bath bomb scented with a candy fragrance. Oh and not forgetting the reusable cotton knot wrap, for less than £20! pretty awesome deal if I do say so myself. 


Carrot Gift Set // Bunch of Carrots, Golden Egg and a Carrot soap slice all housed in a Carrot shaped wrapper - who's not going to love that? 

Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bars // Swish a carrot in your bath to start off the soft clouds of tropical scented bubbles. You can crumble too but I'm guessing you're going to get more use with swishing a carrot in the water. I love this concept. 


Brightside // A bubble bar to keep you always looking on the bright side of life. Using this in your bath you can't feel positive and happy as you're dull bath water is transformed into a vivid orange shade, the citrus essential oils also work at increasing your happy hormones and keeping you invigorated and refreshed. 

Carrot Soap // Tropical fruit juice scented soap carrot. Let's take a minute to figure that out... awesome huh, who would ever think of teaming a tropical scent with a carrot? It's limited edition and contains organic cocoa butter and carrot seed oil and when you slice it, there's a jumping white bunny in the centre - cute. 

Bunny Bubble Bar // Follow this white rabbit to the bathroom for a yummy surprise. It's filled with blue cornflowers and scented with vanilla so while your bathing, you will feel like Alice in Wonderland. Plus those cornflowers floating in your bath are totally Instagram worthy, right? 

Golden Egg // This was the standout for me, it may still be my stand out product but part of me keeps thinking it looks more potato than a golden egg? either way it smells like Honey I Washed the Kids! and is gold, it also leaves your bath golden and lustrous and I want it in my life pronto. 

Fluffy Egg //  Sugary sweet-scented pink egg. Dropping this in your bath you're going to be hit with the candy like the scent of Fluffy Egg and a ton of bubbles. You have been warned. 

So, which ones do you want, hate and need in your life? I'm all over the Golden Egg like a rash and I kind of want the Bunny bubble bar for the cornflowers - damn Instagram ruining my generation. If you want to check these out you can do so right now on the Lush website or in store. 

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