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Lush | 2014 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Two Lush posts in 24 hours say what. I know I would normally space out similar brand posts but my newest tablet prescription absolutely floored me yesterday so I'm playing catch up - apologies. 

I couldn't feature Mother's Day gifts without slipping in some Lush along the way, could I? When considering bath and body products Lush is always a favourite and even those mums who don't like getting bath and body products generally love the quirkiness of Lush. Personally, I still think the Easter collection is rocking it, this is cute but you can't beat those Golden Eggs, can you? 

If you're also feeling the Easter collection more than any other there would be nothing wrong with getting your mummy dearest some Easter Lush instead - I'm firmly hinting to my sons for a Golden Egg although I know when it arrived they'd steal it and pop it in their bath, their tiny monsters that way but they're cute so I let them off. 

Here's the Mother's Day line up guys... 


 Mumkin // Fragranced to uplift your own mumkin while making her feel uber glam in a pink bath. Mumkin's scent is unique to Lush and can be described as a punnet of fresh raspberries crushed into a bubble bar. 

 Inhale Exhale // De-frazzle a stressed-out mum with this slow fizzing bath bomb, scented with Breath of God fragrance.  This bomb will fizzle away all of the built-up tension and allow your mum to exhale. 


 Secret Garden // Bursting with the scent of blue mallow flowers, yellow rosebuds, marigolds and rose petals. Secret Garden is the perfect bath bomb for a feminine, gardening mummy. 

 Wonder Woohoo // The Mother's Day version of the Golden Egg, but it's not egg-shaped. Inspired by Wonder Woman's golden tiara this bubble bar is scented with the iconic Gorilla perfume making your mum feel like a superhero. 


 Mum // A large tin of goodness especially for your mum. There are five different treats to choose from including Dream Cream, Inhale Exhale, Mumkin, Rose, The Mum and Secret Garden as well as a fabulous mini-trial product too. So really that's five and a half, isn't it? 

 Mum's Goodies // Mum's Goodies, keep your hands off. This bouquet of bubbles and fizz contains a Wonder Woohoo bubble bar, Secret Garden bath bomb and another product that I have no idea what it's called, it maybe Rock Star Soap upon further consideration. 

 Sweetest Mum // Is your mum the sweetest? this may be the perfect gift if she is. Shaped like a wrapped candy this gift set contains products that aim to uplift with their sweet and fruity scents. There are five products including a Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion. 


 Strawberries and Cream // Two products to moisturise and hydrate your mum. Sympathy For The Skin and a Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar is included in this set and you can't even buy the massage bar so grab this gift set quickly. 

 Hello Sweetie // Rock Star Soap and Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly all wrapped up in the reusable knot wrap, this gift set is perfect for the mum that loves sweet fragrances. Rock Star Soap is made with the scent of cherries and coconut but it reminds me somewhat of Rock candy. 

 Hello Sunshine // Brightside Bubble Bar and the Charity Pot body cream are wrapped in this smiley sunshine knot wrap which you can reuse. I love this gift set out of the two Hello Gift Sets. 


 The Mum // Honey and toffee scented flower bubble bar, simply swish it around in your bath for some yummy foodies fragranced bubbles. Far better than a supermarket bunch of flowers eh. 

 Tulip // Another bubble bar but this time it's fragranced with a blend of ylang ylang, jasmine and clary sage. Sultry, sexy and vampy and this flower is more my sort of scent. 


 Rose // Guess what this bubble bar's scented with? Turkish Rose Absolute that's what. Rose is said to be the flower of beauty, femininity and love and it's so perfect for showing your mum how much you love her. 

 Madame Butterfly // Lemon and rose scented bubbles to lift your mumma bears spirits and raise her bath with lovely floral bubbles. 

Or why not purchase a few of the floral bubble bars and present it as a flower bouquet? Are there any products here that you're itching to buy for yourself? You can purchase these on the Lush website now as well as in store. 

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