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Made in Paris | Luxury Ville de Paris Candle Collection

I recently found out about Made in Paris candles and the Ville de Paris collection and was blown away. Who doesn't love candles? I know I do and I especially love ones that come in sophisticated packaging, these candles tick every aesthetic box. So, guess where this collection was created?...... France!  

This is Ville de Paris first foray into scented candles and each candle drew inspiration from key monuments within Paris; Place des Victoires, Place Vendôme, Canal Saint-Martin,  Butte Montmartre, Champs Elysées, The Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and l’Ile Saint Louis. If you ever wanted to collect souvenirs without going abroad then this is the chicest way to do it, forget snowglobes and move on to candles. For those that won't be getting away this year (like myself) I love to light a candle, meditate to far off shores (yup I'm a hippy like that) and I'd really love to smell these in-person to see if they do indeed take me to the quaint streets of Paris, to the fashion shopping lanes and then onto a romantic night in the heart of Paris *sigh* 

Each candle burns for around forty-five hours and there are eight fragrances to choose from. The glass is hand-blown by traditional glassmakers making these glasses a piece of art in themselves. You can also reuse them, I actually urge you to reuse these after you have burnt away the candle as they make excellent holders for tealights, makeup brushes and so much more. 

On to the candles and their fragrance personalities... 

Place Vendome (above) | Luxury and excellent in French transcribed in a flowery fragrance and extreme refinement. 

Saint Germain Des Pres (above) | The woody fragrance, amber and vetiver takes us to the heart of the intellectual Sorbonne atmosphere - where students meet and writers and artists create. 

Canal Saint-Martin | This is the atmosphere of a summer walk along the canal that tells us releases perfume made of fruit, flowers and vanilla. 

Butte Montmartre | Floral, fruity and green symbolises the breath of fresh air and carefree characteristic of this epicurean nature of Parisian artists. 

Place Des Victoires | Elegance and refinement in the Place des Victoires is interpreted by a classic chypre fragrance - delicate florals and sultry musk. 

Le Marais | Woods and leather notes interpret the mood of old Parisian nobility mansions, aged wooden flooring and cracked leather seating. Elegance and wisdom intermixing.  

Ile Saint Louis | Walking on the island away from main roads in a quiet haze of serenity brought forward with powdery floral accents. 

Champs Elysees | Sparkling notes, festive and glamorous champagne characterises this fruity fragrance. Green and flowery it evokes the smell of Paris on the evening of New Year on the Champs Elysees. 

You can purchase these candles directly from the Made in Paris website which ships to the UK. I will be purchasing one, most probably Saint Germain des Pres as soon as I move house so I'll be sure to keep you updated with a review once it arrives. 


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