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Monu Spa // Enriched Body Cream

I love this cream. This cream is a cream and you know how I feel about the whole cream-lotion labeling thang. For me, a cream should be thicker than a lotion but thinner than a butter. A cream should be able to hold it's shaped and moisturise and hydrate more than a lotion but be less greasy than a body butter. 

Seems like I may be talking rubbish here but so many companies label their products as a cream when in fact it's not created with a water and oil combination and is made with a wax and oil (which is really a butter formula) or is made as a lotion - petty I know but skincare is my absolute weakness and Monu Spa have hit the nail on the head and got it so right. The Enriched Body Cream is rich, indulgent and like a cuddle for my body - created with cocoa butter to soften and protect, Chamomile and Liquorice to soothe, Vitamin A to repair and soften and Vitamin E to work as an awesome antioxidant and cell repair vitamin and.... Vitamin B5 to help promote a healthy balance of moisture. 

So while it's cheesy to say it's cuddling my skin for those who have found a protect that takes away the sting of dry skin, while totally get what I mean. You absolutely get an 'ahhhh' sigh moment when you apply it and that burning sting dissipates and you don't get a sharp pain from nasty perfume chemicals (too many companies leave me stinging) The fragrance is created using orange, lemon, geranium, rosewood, licorice essential oils and extracts and resembles a delicate sweet citrus scent that smells true and natural - it's so relaxing. 

Just look at it's lusciousness. I've used so many brands before and have hyped about Demarco's Collagen Cream quite a few times, while Monu isn't Dermaco they did indeed help Demarco create their skincare range. I can absolutely see this now as the scent, formula and everything is the same - there's one difference though; Demarco costs £50 and this costs less than half of that price. 

A jar goes a long way and I'm using this at least three times a day but once it's done I will be buying another for sure. A jar costs £23 from the Monu Shop. It's clear to see even on there that others think this is equally awesome. 


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  1. Great review it looks like a fab product! I don't expect less from Monu they are fab x



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