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Nails Inc // Floral Polish Collection

Alexa Chung, she's such a babe. 

Springtime, flowers, brights and babies are all typical signs that spring is finally en-route. This collection doesn't have any babies in it but it does have gorgeous springtime shades and flowers so two out of three ain't bad huh. Plus if Alexa Chung is rocking it you know you're onto a winner. 

The Nails Inc Floral Collection consists of five shades that feature daisy shaped matte glitter shapes in varied colours. Use over a base coat such as the utterly fabulous nude Colville Mews or alone for a wearable feminine glitter. 

Floral Street Mews // Pink and blue, it's perfect. This is the one that I want - ooh, ooh, ooh. No seriously this is the one that I want. 

Richmond Gardens // Teal, pink and mint. Wowzers. 

Queensgate Gardens // Blues and I'm not 100% if it's pink or nude. Either way this is so pretty.

Chelsea Embankment // Nude with hints of blue/purple. The most shimmery angelic of the five. 

Daisy Lane // This one is my second favourite. Pinks, reds I do love the clash between these shades. 

Each of these polishes is available on pre-order right now on the Nails Inc website for £12. They will be launching in early April if you wanted to wait until they're on sale. What are your thoughts on these? 

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  1. I have my eye on Daisy Lane! xx

    1. It's so cute eh. You actually remind me of Alexa Chung! do you get told that all the time? x


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