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Nails Inc // Spring Offerings

The Colour Crush (£25) collection contains seven full-sized limited edition polishes perfect for Spring. Personally, I adore all but a few of these, the bottom row is simply perfect aren't they? Here's what's included...

Snow Hill // White and silver glitter polish. 
Bloomsbury Street // Right-hand side, multicoloured Spring glitter polish. 
Conduit Street // Second from left, multicoloured Spring glitter polish. 
Kabaret //  Metallic navy polish. 
Pimlico // Pure red polish. 
Pelham Street // Metallic charcoal polish. 
Porchester Square // Muted mushroom polish. 

These limited edition Colour Flip polishes feature iridescent shades that change colour in the light. Really they're duo-chrome types and are so pretty, especially the one on the left. The collection costs £15 and here's the shades... 

Callott Street // Rose gold colour flip polish. 
Euston Square // Sky blue colour flip polish. 
Mortimer Street // Lilac colour flip polish. 

The Nail Wardrobe (£25) collection contains everything you need to mix up your nail style. Included is....

Express Remover Pot // Simply dip your fingers in, twist and voila... naked nails. 
Belgravia Gardens // Toffee polish. 
Campden Hill Road // Pastel pink polish. 
Henley // Metallic Feather effect polish. 
Lowndes Court // Metallic violet polish. 
Royal Botanical Gardens // Mint polish. 
Shoreditch Lane // Mulberry Leather effect polish. 

You can pick these from the Nails Inc website here, I personally adore the Colour Flip polishes which is crazy because I normally steer clear of metallic, chrome type of finishes. Which do you prefer? 

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