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OPI // Muppet's Most Wanted Collection

Love them or hate them it's fair to say this Muppet's Most Wanted Collection is pretty loved able and is so far away from where they could have taken this. You won't find no Kermit greens in this line up that's for sure. 

The collection is obviously inspired by the latest Muppet's Most Wanted Movie that's due to launch in the cinemas on March 28th, 2014. the collection includes eight polishes in a range of finishes from creams, crelly's (creamy jelly) and glitters. Take a look at what's been released...

There's two mini gift sets available - Romancing The Frog and When Froggy Met Piggy. Each of the gift sets includes a duo chrome polish and a glitter that can be used alone or over the duo chrome polish for an extra punch. 

Romancing The Frog // Muppet's World Tour and Miss Piggy's Big Number are included in this set, this is the cooler toned option. 

Froggy Met Piggy // Ah Kermit and Miss Piggy, a true love story right there. This set includes Kermit Me to Speak and Gaining Mole-mentum and is warmer, there's a more detailed polish list below. 

And my favourite out of all OPI products - the mini's set. This mini set includes four of the eight polishes. Miss Piggy's Big Number, I Love Applause, Kermit Me to Speak and Chillin' Like a Villain are all included in this little line-up. I do love this because you have shades for day wear to night wear. 

If you prefer the individual full sized bottles you will have to take your pick from these ones sweeties: 

Chillin' Like a Villain // My favourite out of the collection, this polish is a cream nude beige with a warm undertone. There's no frills, no metallic, no shimmer, no nothing - just the way I like it. This polish lets your outfit do all of the talking. 

Gaining Mole-mentum // A pretty glitter with shredded light pink and gold glitter. very pretty and one glitter that I absolutely need for 2014. 

I Love Applause // A crelly formula with a sheer white colour. Not overly keep on the sheerness of this but I'd imagine jelly lovers will rejoice over this. 

Int'l Crime Caper // Pure white with a hint of pink shimmer, it's apparently very sheer but very pretty all the same. I'm intrigued for sure, I think I'll wait and see what it looks like on other bloggers before making my mind up. 

Kermit Me To Speak // A duo chrome that changed from green to purple, typically like an oil spill. I dislike these types of formula's on me but on others they always look incredible. 

Let's Do Anything We Want! // Smaller glitter than before, this polish includes pink and white glitter with the white glitter being square shaped. 

Miss Piggy's Big Number // Blue shimmer. It reminds me of the old metallic grainy types of polishes, not a fan of this if I'm being honest and will definitely be giving it a miss. 

Muppet's World Tour // Small white and silver glitter with a sprinkling of multicoloured pieces too. My least favourite out of the glitters but it's been a huge hit with other bloggers. 

The collection is available just now over on the Nail Polish Direct website. What do you think? would you have preferred it to have been more typically Muppet coloured? 


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  1. I find it really funny that they've created a collection around this movie! The colors are definitely cute, but aren't really calling my name.


    1. I know I was thinking 'what the what' when I found out OPI were collab'ing with the Muppet's :) x


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