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Orly // Baked Collection

There are so many gorgeous polish collections coming out this Summer guys and the Orly Baked Collection is one - it's definitely brighter than other brands are going without it being neon however it definitely screams 'summer' 

The colours are said to be very vibrant and pigmented and the collection was inspired by the feeling of beauty that a woman gets when she's confident. I get the confidence part but the back story seems a bit weak in my opinion. But, the back story isn't everything is it so I'll focus on the colours and the collection. 

There are six shades in the collection which consists of: 

Ablaze // Fiery coral-red
Hot Tropics // Orchid purple with a gold shimmery almost holographic quality. 
Neon Heat // Vibrant cream fuchsia. 
Lush // Chartreuse with strands and tiny bits of holographic shimmer. 
Saturated // Vibrant almost neon blue-purple cream. 
Tropical Pop // Orange. 

There's no official date for the launch of this collection but I'll be sure to update you once I get the low down. What are your thoughts? Yay or nay? 

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