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Pulpe De Vie // Love Me Tonight Face Cream

I was recently sent some samples of French skincare brand, Pulpe De Vie's Love Me Tonight Night Cream to try because the PR knew how much I adored natural skincare, these were exactly my type of product and I couldn't wait to try them. However scatterbrains 'R' us came to town and I forgot. My bad. 

I've also talked about my crappy skin and how it fluctuates, I was actually given a cream from the doctor which dries up spots, pimples, and acne and you know what, I didn't want to use it but it got to the point where needs must. I used it and sure enough, my bumps all dissipated leaving me with somewhat normal skin, slightly marked with spot scars but normal. I felt awesome because I was hiding my face, I purchased a tartan scarf just so I could hide on the school run it was that bad. Less than three days later they returned as I had ceased using the nasty cream. I was forced to re-use it and yup they once again disappeared. I found through this time my skin really puckered and dried up so badly, applying even gentle sensitive lotions or creams stung so badly I was close to tears but clearly my skin needed hydration - and badly. The acne once again disappeared and at that point, I would have stopped using it because the dryness and pain were worse than the acne. 

My skin returned to normal but it only did so because I had to go everywhere with a tube of The Body Shop Hemp Cream to apply literally every five minutes or so. Things went back to normal that is until two days ago. The acne returned so I popped on the thinnest coat of cream - hairy boy asked me 'why is your face all red and blotchy?' looking in the mirror I was horrified to find it was indeed blotchy and red but only because the skin was red raw! I'm so shocked it did this in such a small amount of time, needless to say, I'm very sore right now and come bath time I was kinda freaking out about how I'd manage to wash my face without drying it out and causing pain. 

I then remembered the Pulpe De Vie cream samples. I figured if Lush can create the most amazing balmy face cleansers such as Ultrabland and Clinique can offer up their version of a cleansing balm then why can't I use a nourishing product such as this to cleanse with? I popped it onto my skin as you would do a mask but of course much thinner and washed my hair, tweezed my eyebrows, etc. I then massaged my face in circular motions and it was at this point I really started to appreciate the cream, it smells natural but also gorgeously fruity due to the raspberries, figs, blackcurrants and prickly pears that are included in the formula. On my skin, it felt so soft and comforting and there was absolutely no stinging sensation with this. 

Washing it off I took a warm cloth and gently wiped it off, I didn't want to be too harsh as it would defeat the purpose of using something so gentle, at this point I really thought my skin would feel quite heavy, clogged up or as though it needed cleansing but I was oh-so-wrong. I felt incredible, less red, clean and soft. This felt like how every cleanser should feel but so much better. 

There are three anti-aging ingredients in this formula including Beech Buds to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration and Hydroxyproline to help repair damaged skin. There's also at least 20% fresh fruit in every product. Most of the time it takes at least a few weeks worth of use to get any noticeable changes but because my skin was so bad and this product is so awesome I could see exactly how it works and due to this I would absolutely recommend this both as a moisturiser (which is what it's marketed as) and a facial cleanser (apply, massage the face and wipe off). 

Pulpe De Vie's Love Me Tonight Cream costs £21 and you can pick this up from  info@botanicalbrands.com who are the sole UK distributors for the brand. 


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