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Rita Ora // Rimmel Colour Rush Lip & Nail Collection

The Rimmel and Rita Ora collaboration comes to head in March, the new collection which was created and named by Rita consists of twelve 60 Seconds Nail Polishes which is divided by hot and cool shades and five new Colour Rush Balms in the style of chubby stick crayons. 

The collection has a punk pop art inspiration and Rita's face is 'stamped' onto the lids. I'm also seeing a bit of a naughty and nice theme with this collection as the polishes all have naughty names and the balms are very innocent and sweet - maybe this was deliberate, maybe it's a coincidence I don't know but you'll see what I mean shortly. 

Colour Rush Balms come in the available shades: 

Make Me Blush // Blush pink. 
I Want Candy // Candy pink
Boom Chic A Boom // Pink 
All You Need is Pink // Crimson
Viva Violet // Berry

The polish shades are: 

Breakfast in Bed // Icy green. 
Blindfold Me Blue // Vibrant blue. 
Don't Be Shy // Fuchsia pink
Do Not Disturb // Light vibrant blue
Lose Your Lingerie // Icy pink. 
Let's Get Nude // Creamy nude
Midnight Rendezvous // Purple
Oragasm // Orange
Pillow Talk // Icy blue. 
Raw As Night // Pink-Red
Ritta Rouge // Deep Plum-Chocolate 
White Hot Love // White

Honestly I think these look incredible and although they're priced quite low I've always found the formula to last a long time. I've had more one coat polishes become opaque with Rimmel and Bourjois than I have with say Nails Inc and OPI. Who else is thinking Rita Ora maybe needing to get some with those polish names *hahah*.  

Polishes will cost £3.69 and the Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm will cost £6.99 the collection will be available in your local Boots as well as online here


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