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Six Products // That Didn't Rock My World

I rarely post these types of posts because I really don't want anyone to think I'm a negative nancy, of course, if there are any issues that arise when reviewing individual products I do mention them as I feel I have a duty to advise you about the good and bad aspects of each product - allowing you to make up your own mind. 

This post is sort of like an extended version of that mentality. I've collated a few products that disappointed me or maybe didn't even make their way onto the blog. I know a lot of the Facebook Sweet Elyse followers wanted to hear more about products that didn't rock my world so here it is. 

There are six products (I couldn't find ten in my room that I disliked) and they each have positives and negatives, the negatives on these have resulted in me either using them sparingly, once or not at all. 

Here's more on them... 

Longer Lashes Serum // After purchasing and finishing two tubes of Rapidlash I wanted to try other brands to see if they offered similar results but with a more natural product. I was lead to Longer Lashes Serum through reviews and after purchasing this and trying it I found I was really disappointed. With the Rapidlash I could see growth literally within days, the Longer Lashes serum never gave me any growth as far as I could see. The formula was thick and I found it hard to get the actual serum to stay on my lashes. My lashes felt gloopy and it wasn't a delight to wear if I'm being honest. I was so disappointed with this that I have purchased another tube of Rapidlash this week for half the price. 

Argan Oil // I believe I purchased this from B & M's for a few pounds so didn't expect anything major. I initially purchased it due to it being an argan oil hair product and having had great results from other argan products figured it couldn't really be that different, could it? Well, the results were a greasy mess. It wasn't as bad as some 

Organic Surge // This is a vegan suitable body wash, I'm just so wary when it comes to skincare and body products now that I tend to stick to products that have been tried and tested and meet my very snobbish standards. I like this smell but because it hasn't been used and has sat there doing nothing it's hit this list. I doubt I'll ever use it because while it smells nice, it doesn't smell incredible. 

L'Occitane Hair & Body Oil (review coming soon) // This isn't a bad product. L'Occitane is one of my favourite body care brands but this product only worked for one of the two marketed uses in my opinion. It's marketed as both a hair and body oil, as a body oil it's incredible and smells like an adult take on baby oil. As a hair oil, it is horrendous - my hair was so greasy, heavy and lank for the week after spritzing this on and it seemed as though no shampoo was going to break through the oil. I'm happy that my hair is now back to normal but I'll not use it on my hair again. 

Ciate Paint Pot // This gorgeous summery yellow is the Loop The Loop shade. I love this but it looks horrendous on me. I also find the formula of Ciate isn't as good as Nails Inc, Nails Inc have my heart every time so it's tough for any polish brand to compete. 

MUA Glitter Liner (review here) // Aww hells no, this was a complete shambles. I had hoped I'd have a nice glittery black line for Christmas but this just didn't apply, it was weak, watery and when I left the initial smudge of a line to dry and went to apply another coat it just wiped the first coat off. I tried using a primer also and it didn't help one bit. I may just have oilier eyelids though - I'd love to hear if you've ever had any of the MUA glitter liners work for you? 
Have there been any products that have disappointed you recently? 


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  1. I was really disappointed with my Rita Ora for Rimmel London nail polish purchase. It was a streaky, horrible gloopy mess which I was really disappointed with, especially as I'd heard the formula of these polishes were great.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick


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