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Speckled Polish Dupes // Seeing Double

I love when new innovative polishes are released but there comes a point when you see a collection being released that makes you go err........ Models Own Speckled Egg Collection is the one collection that's making me scratch my head. 

I'm scratching my head simply due to the lack of creativity in this and not because the brand is poor quality - they're anything but however, I do expect a lot of innovation from a brand that's 'up there' with its competitors - don't you? 

So the Model's Own Speckled Egg Collection consists of five colours of Spring toned polishes with black 'speckles' in it which resemble Cadbury Mini Eggs - The Illamasqua Speckled Collection also consisted of five similar polishes. There are small differences in terms of pigmentation and it seems Models Own have opted for a slightly brighter shade of each colour. The Illamasqua collection was limited edition so only two of five shades are still available for purchase. 

Here are the colours and their similar counterparts:  
  • Dove Pink // Scarce (Speckled Pink)
  • Magpie Green // Mottle (Speckled Green)
  • Goose Yellow // Freckle (Speckled Neutral)
  • Duck Blue // Fragile (Speckled Blue)
  • Swan Lilac // Speckle (Speckled Lilac)
source || These images belong to A Little Infinity Blog. 

The Illamasqua collection was beautiful and at the time of it's launch, it was absolutely unique to the market. Everyone else was opting for liquid sand textures while Illamasqua went for speckles which were absolutely in tune with Easter 2013. It is slightly more demure in a tone that the Models Own version but it's so similar - even if they'd opted for different shades rather than a near like-for-like lineup. 

These images belong to Brit Nails Blog, I've just collated them. 

Easter 2014 comes along and while I get that a lot of brands are going to be inspired by bunnies and eggs at this time of year I wished Models Own had come up with own unique take on this texture. Maybe even putting together a similar colour palette jelly finish with a 'speckled' top coat or a matte speckled effect (because Mini Eggs are matte). This just feels like they've not tried too hard and looking at a lot of their polishes I can now see that they do jump on other brand bandwagons with their latest launches. 

Their Gel Effect was released after Nails Inc Gel Effect polishes, Artstix was released after Revlon's Duo polish sticks and the Velvet Goth Collection is similar to the OPI Mariah Carey collection from the beginning of 2013 - especially 'Get Your Number' it's very Velvet Goth. It could go on and I know it's not just Model's Own that do this, they've just been used as an example in this instance due to the launch of their collection.  

I absolutely get that brands are going to copy each other but how do they get away with copying other brands so blatantly? Is it a case of relabelling do you think? I know those who loved the Illamasqua Speckled collection are going to be rejoicing due to most of that range being discontinued but I just wished they had put their own stamp on it - you'll know yourself when you see something that's new and innovative you get that sense of 'have to buy it' so surely this mentality would push them to create a new version of an old product to try and bring in more sales. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on this sweeties? is it a case of relabelling with some pigmentation changes or a lack of creativity? 


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