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Spring Beauty // Wishlist

Spring is upon us people's and I am so ready for it, are you ready for it? I've never bothered too much about sun but in all honesty I'm pretty fed up with wearing warm coats and having to deal with frizzy hair from the rain. Bring on Spring is all I say to that. 

When the seasons change not only does my mentality change and my outlook but I also like to change up my goal plans, my wardrobe, home and my beauty products. Changing from the warmer colours to more feminine and lighter shades always seems to inspire me somehow. I guess colour therapy really works. 

I'm not hugely bothered about the whole fake tanning, lashes and treatments like that I just want to smell nice, look like a better version of myself and not having to put much more work into it after I've applied my face for the day - who gets me here? I suppose I'm a non-fuss beauty lover. I appreciate the colours, the application and the packaging. I see it for the luxury that it is rather than necessity but it doesn't stop me from having wishlists as long as my arms. 

To clear out some of my wishlist I figured popping down my favourites into a wishlist post may inspire some of you too. Here are my top twelve (I know it's a crazy number) products that I'm currently coveting right now for Spring. 

Beauty Wishlist

First up is perfumes and fragrances. I absolutely prefer something a bit more feminine with less sex in the Spring. I adore green, herbal and clean scents with a hint of attraction if that makes sense. I'll never be someone who opts for the aquatic notes or the overly citrus notes but there are so many fab ones out there if you do. 

Maison Martin Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning // Notes include white musk, iris, woody notes, pear and rose. Scent wise this is a powdery floral fragrance with lasting power due to the woody notes. It's fresh and vibrant without being too child like. 

Jo Malone Black Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne // Notes include cumin, chili pepper, juniper and cedarwood. This for me is the perfect Spring night cologne, it has some kick, vibrancy from the juniper and is a tad more seductive due to the cedarwood. I would describe this as being a unisex fragrance for sure so if you're more of a feminine all the way woman I'd steer clear. 

Nails are next and they're the easiest way to really get your Spring on. Nail polish also is an extension of your wardrobe and gives you a finished appearance, changing up your polish with pastels for Spring is the easiest way for sure to change your wardrobe with little expense. 

Azature Nail Polish in Lilac & Blue // I've yet to try the diamond formula polishes but I've wanted to for so long. I suppose it's the novelty value for me as they may not actually look any more luxe or sparkly than say Nails Inc. Anyhow these shades are perfect.  

Face makeup really needs to be changed up if you want to maintain a fresh appearance, I'd absolutely recommend getting your foundation shade assessed as our skin tones tend to change each season - I've not popped any foundation down but I have added these goodies... 

MeMeMe Goddess Rocks // Rocks in various bronze shimmery shades, you can use these for a highlighting effect, a bronze effect or even on your eyelids as shadow. I also love the novelty factor - such a sucker huh. 

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat // It's the wild version!! I adore Touche Eclat but this limited edition packaging roars Spring-Summer to me. 

SUQQU Eyebrow Liner // I adore eyebrow products and absolutely adore my Artdeco liner so I'm eager to try this SUQQU one. If you've not tried an eyebrow liner I'd absolutely recommend it because it doesn't clump and you can build up your colour as well as it looking absolutely natural in comparison to brow shadows and pencils. 

SUQQU Face Palette // Although this is called the Autumn Colour Face Palette it's very much spring for me with it's dusky rose and pearly glow sections. Perfect for highlighting and contouring your face don't cha' think? 

Not forgetting those pesky spots! 

Origins Super Spot Blemish Gel // I have this and it's incredible. I will be purchasing another so this will remain firmly on my Summer wishlist too. If you suffer from spots, pimples, acne or boils I recommend this - while it's not a miracle cure it does reduce the spread and the pain that the big boys can get. It's also far more gentle on your skin but tough on those pimples. 

Lips had to have it's own section because, well, it's lips. Lip products are my go to beauty products and sort of like my comfort blanket. Here goes. 

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick // This has been on my wishlist since last year and I actually popped it into basket and then never carried it through because I knew I would never wear it in the Winter. Now that it's getting lighter this bright matte pink is an absolute must, apparently it's MAC's brightest pink! get on board with this neon train before it sells out - I promise you it will too. 

Kissing Elixirs Breath Spray // If you're going to be kissing you're going to need this breath spray. I tend to carry a spray about as I worry about having honking breathe (It's the OCD in me) so when I heard about these super concentrated breath sprays I was all over it. They also offer lip balms but I'm more interested in the sprays. 

Carmex Lip Care // Carmex have been going strong for 75 years, although I have this in the lip section I actually use these balms for everything from cuticles, eyebrows, dry patches, elbows, under eye's, lips and eyelids - really I use it for everything. The special comic book inspired packaging makes this purchase a whole lot easier. It's also never going to break the bank at less than £5 a tub. 

What must haves do you pop onto your Spring wishlists? Have you tried any of these products? 


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