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Swatch // Pastry Chef Collection

Hands up if you had a Swatch watch as a child? *puts up hand* Swatch are one of those brands that continually update their brand image and product range, they keep ahead of the trends and the end results are; fun timepieces suitable for all ages. While I've never come across a collection I disliked, I've never felt that inner pull to go purchase a watch like I did with their latest Pastry Chefs collection. 

Call me glutinous but I have a penchant for cakes, pastries and chocolate. Since finding out I have coeliacs I crave them even more but can't eat them no matter how hard that tiny voice says 'eat me' I can however find my need for sweetness curbed with watches, accessories and candy like colours of polish, it may not taste the same (never eat polish or watches guys) but at least it's friendlier on the hips and of course the satisfaction lasts for longer. 

The collection consists of eleven watches that have been inspired by some of our favourite candies, sweeties and food stuffs. The three watches pictured above are..

Caramellissim // This watch is clearly inspired by the 'dolly beads' necklaces of our youth. Did you wear your necklace or munch half of each bead, pinged the other half at your foes? (or was that just me that did that?) Double stranded candy type beads will leave you looking very fun, Summery and on trend.  

Cool Me // Don't quote me on this but I think these are inspired by cool mints, this watch is definitely more refined by the Caramellissim and is absolutely wearable by anyone of any age. The clock face is created with complimentary cogs and wheels (love that little attention to detail) also in the cooler colour palette. 

Sweet Me // The little sister to Cool Me (above). This I 'think' is inspired by sweet mints, sweeter candy like colours make up this watch - pastel pinks, lilacs and blues are also seen in the cog and wheel work on the clock face. This is my favourite from the two watches. 

Can you guess what these two are inspired by? 

Sweet Explosion // Macarons were the 2012 to 2013's most majorly hyped dessert so it was only natural that it would be transferred into a collection such as this. It's very pretty but I'm not sure it's a design I'd get away with as it's a bit too sweet for my sweet tooth. 

Waffle // Simple, understated and feminine waffle is the one watch that can be worn and no-one would even know it was apart of a collection such as this one. I love the small detail of the gold 'waffle' and this particular watch would be great for everyone wouldn't it. Once the hype of cakes, candies and pastries dissipates, Waffle will still look 'in'. For this that don't purchase regular watches this is a great option for saving money - wear over price would be crazily low. 
A little bit more out there than some of the watches but I can absolutely see the appeal of these on all ages. I especially love the Sprinkles watch and although it's more 'hipster' than I would typically go I would absolutely wear this with pride. Maybe it's the darker colour palette that's making it fitting for us 30+ ladies. 

Sprinkled // I love this watch. It's a full sprinkles print yes but that darkness of it coupled with the hints of colour make it chic for adults to wear - adult fun is how I would describe it. I also love that it has the day and date - another organisational feature that would suit us older ladies. Damn you short-term memory! 

Lekker // And this is inspired by Licorice Allsorts, if you didn't already know that *hehe* Another fun, bold print which is especially suited to those who love a bit of fuchsia.  

Four little watches sitting pretty in a row. 

Peppercane // The zingy lime coupled with the muted mint and white results in this amazing watch. I adore the wear ability of this, classic Swatch with a Spring make-over. 

Sminty // This one reminds me of the Fimo canes that everyone made when they were younger, when you rolled it up and cut it to get this swirl. Again it's fun but the uniform transparent sage/mint green makes this completely awesome for any occasion. 

Ginevrone // This reminds me of an ice-cream cone, I don't know if it's suppose to be inspired by such but the beige 'cone' tone and the raspberry and mint 'ice-cream' is very 

Dragees // Dragee's maybe inspired by the sugar dragees (wedding favourites), the strap has been created with cute little balls which makes this the perfect watch and bracelet hybrid. 

And my newest baby... Peppercane. 

That zingy chartreuse makes this pop, let's be fair it would have been pretty but now 'wow' those zingy highlights just make this perfect in my opinion. 

And finally here's Peppercane joining in with my latest arm party. Fresh, Spring suitable and awesome huh. All of the watches are affordable as they're priced from £32 up to £51, Peppercane costs £32 - If you fancied adding any of these to your collection you can pick up your Pastry from the Swatch website here


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