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The Body Shop // Blueberry Body Scrub Gelee

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub Gelee is a pot of fresh, fruity yumminess. It smells like true crushed blueberries and the scrubby parts are made with walnut shell and raspberry seeds which makes this look like jam in my opinion. 

It contains Fairtrade honey which comes from wildflowers in Ethiopia, I'm not sure if Ethiopian wildflowers are superior to our standard UK wildflowers but there you go - it contains honey. The honey leaves your skin feeling soft even after scrubbing away all that dead skin. I found this scrub was also fantastic at stopping pesky ingrown hairs, I tend to have a nightmare with those and nothing seems to really stop them from ingrown but using this scrub daily on my legs has definitely decreased the amount of hairs that grow inwards. 

I've been using this every day so it will be featured in an empties post soon but factoring in my daily use as well as my three sons using this it has definitely been value for money, it's also been a delight to use because it smells incredible, works exceptionally well and doesn't cause any rashes, stinginess or burning sensations like some products do. 

You can pick up your own from The Body Shop's website for £12.50. It is limited edition so be quick because I'm not sure how long it's going to be available for. 

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  1. This looks really fun! The whole blueberry thing feels like a nice, sunny, warm weather kind of indulgence, too.



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