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The Body Shop // Spring Body Butters

The Body Shop needs no introduction and most people have tried at least one product of theirs over the years. If you've used any of their body butter then you'll know how truly awesome they are - I have found however they slightly vary, some are more nourishing than others although the formula is the same. 

I've been using the Hemp butter since Christmas and I adore it but I do tend to like a change especially when a new season hits. Over the years I've tried so many of the body butter variations and now that Springs just around the corner I knew fruity fragrances were going to be more spring-like. Strawberry has been a firm favourite for a while but I do go off it in the darker months but it's getting lighter bay-bee! 

Ah, look at the beauty, who else likes to poke holes in it and mess up the perfection a little? 

The full-sized Strawberry Body Butter costs £13 and it's money well spent, as soon as you unscrew the lid you're hit with a fresh strawberry zing that mellows out into a sweeter fragrance. The butter itself goes on smoothly, a little goes a long way and the hydration actually lasts for hours compared to other brands. It is thick but it won't leave you all grease slicken although it will leave you looking a little bit balmy so keep that in mind if applying this throughout the day. 

I just finished this beauty but wanted to feature it because I am going to repurchase it. The Pink Grapefruit Body Butter also costs £13 and this has the most amazing scent out of all the fruity ones - I actually prefer this even more than the strawberry. 

I have tried so many times to eat grapefruit I've lost count, as a teenager the grapefruit diet was a hyped fad that I wanted to jump on but whenever it's in my mouth it starts to taste like [what I'd imagine] poison or acid. I just can't swallow it, this hasn't put me off the scent, however. I purchase grapefruit essential oils for cleaning my kitchen and this body butter smells exactly like they do - true, fruity, citrus and zingy! 

This butter is especially great for waking you up, pop it on in the morning for a fresh hit or late at night to boost your mood. I really can't find any flaws with it. 

Well there is one little thing, the website states that these give you 24 hours hydration, they don't but they do last far longer than most other brands so I think they can be let off with that don't you? 

Which body butter would you say is your favourite over the years? is there any you're eager to try or just not sure if you'll like? If you want to purchase your own tub of spring you can get these from The Body Shop in store and on their website - but you knew that already didn't you. 


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