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Time Bomb | Smart Balm Eye Cream

I've had my Time Bomb Smart Eye Cream for absolute ages but I forgot about it *oops* it was only when I started prepping my house for packing (yes I prep before packing, sort of like a pre-pack) that I came across lots of products that I had yet to try and blog about. 

I initially had high hopes for this eye cream simply because the Time Bomb products have in the past blown me away, they're performance is far superior to most brands out there but yet they don't get the recognition they're due. 

As soon as I found it I popped it in my 'use' list and started using it that night, I have been under the weather recently and I'm currently suffering from prolonged anaemia due to my celiacs condition which has resulted in my skin being affected. Pale, dry, dark circles and everything is either deflated or puffy - it's not a great look if I'm being honest so eye and face creams are a necessity as I don't want my health to show on my face. Vain maybe but when you're feeling poop you don't want to be reminded when you look in the mirror, due to my stance on this I have been super critical with this and all creams that I review. 

The cream helps to keep your under-eye area moist and hydrated, if it's dry then wrinkles, lines and furrows are more common as the skin gets easily damaged through wiping and rubbing the eyes, makeup application and even when you sleep. Because of this, I apply my eye creams at least twice a day so ensure those wrinkles stay away. 

Ingredients include Centella and peptides which help to boost circulation, heal the skin and balance skin flora, Borage Oil is also chocked full of anti-ageing properties and combined with Licorice extract it makes a wonderful wrinkle buster; finally hydrolysed cornstarch helps to temporary tighten up the skin giving it a youthfully smooth appearance. 

Even though it's filled with amazing ingredients I can't fully say if it does what it promises. As a cream I think it's absolutely incredible, my eyes definitely looked softer, more even in tone and feeling and less puffy. I suppose you'd have to use this over a long time before you noticed any major differences but then I suppose the fact that I've not seen any decline means it's stopping some ageing signs. 

Another plus with the Smart Balm Eye Cream is the packaging, the fine tip nozzle allows you to direct the cream to those areas that need it. I tend to use eye creams around my eyes, in the corner of my nose as well as in my smile lines and around my mouth. They're all areas that are affected by early ageing signs so why not tackle it with a potent cream such as this? having the nozzle also allows you to apply your creams hygienically.  

Smart Balm Eye Cream is available from the Time Bomb website for £29, they also sell my favourite B12 Complexion Cocktail - it's incredible.  


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