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Urban Decay // Electric Palette

Forget the Naked 1, 2 or 3 palettes because this is the must-have palette for 2014 I promise you that. Urban Decay was sick of having palettes that looked neon and highly pigmented in the eyeshadow pan but transferred to the eyelids with a weak or slight wash of colour. For most eye shadows the blend of oxides and powders reduce the percentage of pigmentation. 

Urban Decay decided to take pigment and press it into a shadow pan - genius or what. So if you adore your colourful colours you can be sure that the Electric palette is the best option, no more worrying about layering on your shadows, applying over primers or applying them wet to make them pop which is excellent especially considering how much it's probably cost us over the years trying to find the next best brightest shadows in the best formula's. 

Each palette contains ten heavily saturated, intense eye shadows in shades that are bright but functional. Here's the palette, what are your initial thoughts? - incredible isn't it. 
Shades include a range of finishes from mattes, pearls and metallics, each of the eye shadows promises a creamy-smooth application. Here are the shade names: 

Chaos // Also another popular shade making its return. Chaos is a matte brilliant blue. 
Gonzo // Bright turquoise with a hint of pearl. 
Fringe // Bright velvety metallic teal. 
Freak // Bright green with a gold duo-chrome effect. 
Jilted // Bright metallic fuchsia with a blue duo-chrome. 
Revolt // Originally from the Anarchy Face Case this metallic shimmery silver makes it shining return. 
Savage // Matte hot pink. 
Slowburn // Matte reddish-orange with a teeny hint of pearl. 
Thrash // Matte bright green with a teeny hint of gold. 
Urban // Bright velvety metallic purple. 

This launches in the US on the 18th of March and arrives in the UK shortly after, I've no set date for this yet but I'll be sure to keep you posted because I want this so badly - like seriously b-a-d-l-y. What are your thoughts? 


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