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Vita Liberata | NKD Skin Tinted Tan Mousse

I blogged about the Vita Liberata tan last year and with the days turning lighter and Spring just around the corner (yup going to keep banging on about Spring until it hits us) it's time to start getting some colour into this little body. 

I have tried so many tanning brands and I was always put off fake tanning simply due to the fact it was hard to get even coverage with many formulations of tan. Having tried, tested and failed so many times I find it easy to spot a good tan from the application and last year Vita Liberata's tan blew me away. This time round I have the Vita Liberata medium mousse which is apart of the new NKD Skin collection. 

I have super light skin so I tend to opt for colours that are going to give me a light natural glow rather than a full-on dark Towie-Esque tan. I'm just not ready for that sort of shade or upkeep, unfortunately. What I found with the Vita tans was that they were not only super easy to apply but they also looked flawless once you washed it off. I've never had that with any other brand and I actually had no orange tinge, build up colour marks or well anything that would make me cringe. 

I also adore the brand due to them being more natural than many of their competitors, the tan formulations do not have that horrid scent - they actually don't have a scent. The colour lasts for around seven days although it may fade quickly if you're a daily bather or like a good scrub when you jump in the shower. Either way, I absolutely recommend this tinted tan mousse for everyone especially if you're sick of getting orange tan marks or uneven patches - I promise you won't see those with this product. 

If you do want in on this you can pick up the NKD Skin tinted tan mousses from Superdrug for £14.95. This will absolutely last you a while because a little goes a long way. Who is already planning their Summer beach bodies? 


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