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Want a months FREE Blog Advertising? // Read How

Do you have a blog, website or well, something that you'd love promoting but find it so confusing knowing where to start? Sometimes you can find a great blog but their advertising prices maybe a tad too steep and there's only so many blog button swaps you can do right? 

I'm not someone who naturally feels comfortable plugging the 'follow me' 'have you subscribed' or 'click here to get my post' statuses. I just don't like doing it, I would hate for anyone to feel like I was begging them to follow me and would prefer others to follow through choice, because they feel my posts and features are worthy of reading or they like keeping up to date with what we're up to. 

I realise my inability to plug myself may actually be stopping so many of you from actually knowing how you can follow Sweet Elyse Blog so I will indeed be plugging my little blog but also giving those who do follow a BIG THANK YOU for doing so. What am I offering? Read on to find out my little sweetie pies. 
Since the Google swap over a few years back I only really have one option for subscribers to follow my posts and this is via Bloglovin. If you currently follow via Bloglovin you don't need to do anything except accept my virtual hug >>>>HUG<<<<

If you don't currently follow or subscribe via Bloglovin then you can do so HERE. Everyone who follows Sweet Elyse Blog on Bloglovin will be put into a draw on the last day of EVERY month, at least 1 follow will be given one months FREE advertising on Sweet Elyse Blog. 

So what does that mean? Free advertising - wow wee, that doesn't mean much. Well it could mean a heck of a lot because your blog button, website button or whatever you choose to advertise on Sweet Elyse Blog will be seen by well over 36k monthly readers!! 

This is my stats as of December 2013. I don't want to put my recent stats because well, that's just not me. You'll see my overall views at this point was 158k total views. My blog as of today has had over 276k views so you can imagine how many readers will see your ad. And those readers are AWESOME, truly, truly awesome readers (thank you). 

I will draw at least 1 follow each month to have a blog button on the side of my blog, I will also try and draw another to do a blog interview with as a way of thank you so if you're a follower and want to be considered for a blog interview please email me on sweetelysepr@gmail.com 

Here's what to do in a nutshell. 

1. Follow Sweet Elyse Blog via Bloglovin here

2. Wait to see if you've been drawn on the last day of every month. 

3. If you've been drawn I will need your blog button, I can create a simple 250 x 250 button if you do not have one. This will be linkable to your blog, website or store so you'll need to decide what you're going to promote. 
I just want to say a huge thank you to every single one of you, I truly appreciate every email, comment and silent reader out there, you have no idea how much you have all changed my life and it's because of you guys that I do what I do. 

* Not paid, this is my way of showing my appreciation *

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