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Wishlist // My Dream 15 Products

As I type this I look around me and my home looks bare, inside I have an inner panic which is crazy because I'm not someone that's instinctively a shopaholic or a frivolous shopper. As a child my family didn't have a lot of money and while my friends have big brand clothing, I didn't; and I was OK with that. 

I was a dreamer, my favourite past time was marking catalogues, dreaming about what I would have in my adult wardrobe and my own home. As I grew it continued, I never grew tired of dreaming about nice things. For me it's not about the price it's about the benefit. Nice things make me feel good, confident, settled even - they may cost 20p at a charity shop or they may cost thousands. My frivolous nature never went away so I do feel bad about spending a lot of money; because of that I make wish lists. 

My mum always told me ' if when shopping you have to think about whether you're going to buy something, don't buy it' she said this because if you really wanted it or needed it you wouldn't have to think about it. Her advice was put it back, if in three days you cannot get it out of your head then get it if you can afford to do so - wise woman, mummy Silver is. 

So as I look around my home is bare, I am missing the feeling of having nice things around me. Personality in my home and my comforts. Expect to see many wish lists over the next four weeks and this luxury, high end wish list is going to be the first of many to come. 

Join on my dreamers bandwagon guys, we have tea and chocolate... 
Alexander McQueen Jacquard Dress // This dress stood out for me, it's the perfect shape for a curvy woman and will flatter almost all shapes and sizes. I love the detailing of the laser cuts in the lower half of the dress.

Elle McPherson Eyelash Contour Bra // This isn't extortionately priced but when you're moving who has money to buy luxe bras? I love this bra for its shape and simple details such as the interchanging colours and the eyelash design along with the cups. 

Myla Morgan Bra //  Wowzers, this looks simple and I suppose it is a simple bra but this would look incredible on. It's made with stretch lace and is shaped to contour and enhance the womanly shape. The style is vintage inspired and I WANT IT so badly. 

Saint Lauren Ligne Y Bag // Purple Bordeaux leather, simple detailing and it's versatility. This would hold all of the usual bits and bobs, would improve with age and is always going to be in. 

Stephen Webster Long Cuff Bangle // I've coveted this for so long and my love for it just never goes away. I love that this is an extended cuff bangle that looks simple at first but upon closer inspection, its design is of a spine and ribs. I suppose it's mixing the feminine, sleek Silver metals with the masculine gothic-esque design. It's that yin and yang thing, guys. 

Astley Clarke Hamsa Charm Bracelet // Astley Clarke create some of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery I have seen in a long time, they tend to be quite simple using semi-precious gemstones and have a spiritual theme to them. I would love to own this Hamsa hand bracelet.  

Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses // 70's inspired teal suede sunglasses - awesome!. I would absolutely rock these this summer. 

Estee Lauder Pleasures Charming Horn Necklace // The horn on this necklace is said to symbolise protection and good luck. The necklace not only looks modern and current but the horn itself is filled with a solid perfume in the iconic Pleasures fragrance. 

Armani L'or du Desert EDP // Limited edition. It's a mix of The Thousand and One Nights Collection with extra golden dust added to leave you with a real gold shimmer.

Karl Lagerfeld Karl 7 Watch // Sleek gunmetal styled into a cut pyramid style. It also features the iconic number 7 which is said to be Karl's favourite number. This does have quite a masculine feel to it but I love that it has 'design' without it being OTT. 

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick // It's the packaging that makes this stand out, I'd happily own any of the shades available. 

Dior Poudrier Diorific //Embossed with Masai beads and created with a lush pearly formula what's not to love? 

Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge Decanter // Jasmine absolute in a gorgeous bottle. This is sexy, sultry and hedonistic for sure. 

Agraria Crystal Bitter Orange Candle // I've never tried this brand due to their price but I have always loved the 70's vibe their packaging has. Plus I can absolutely imagine using the crystal tumbler once the candle has burnt away. 

Perricone The Science of Cold Plasma Kit // I've only tried Perricone once and love it. I would love to try their skincare products but as usual, the price put me off. That doesn't stop me slavering over the products every time they email me. This kit contains four products which target the eyes, face, and skincare as a whole. 

What do you think? Luxe but quite simple at the same time huh? If you had to choose one luxury or premium product what would you choose? These are all available over on the Harrods website (I can't get enough of Harrods lately). 

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