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YSL Beauty // Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Collection

April the 27th, mark it in your diaries because it's the day that this gorgeous YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Collection is launched to the masses. The colours are vibrant, feminine, screams of Summer and just a joy to look at in all honesty.  

The collection consists of a super soft pigmented gel formula that has a dual purpose. Use it on your lips and your cheeks. The Kiss & Blush is said to be easy to blend and leaves you with a soft matte finish, while I love that it has two purposes I wonder how well it's going to perform on the lips? I've used many lip and cheek products and they've always performed really well on the cheeks but had no lasting power on the lips, I actually discussed that issue last night in the Clarins Multi-Blush Blusher too. 

The collection was broken up into four categories of three colours, apparently, each grouping works perfectly with each other so you can wear one on your lips and another complimentary shade on your cheeks. The groupings are sultry, sexy, liberated and sassy. 

Shades in the collection are: 


Fuchsia Desinvolte // Bright fuchsia pink (saucy)
Rose Frivole // Dusky baby pink (saucy)
Rose Libre // Cool toned pink (saucy)

Orange Fougueux // Perfect Summertime orange (sexy)
Rouge Libertine // Vibrant fuchsia-red (sexy)
Rouge Effrontee // Pillarbox red (sexy)


Nude Insolent // Gorgeous chocolatey nude (sassy)
Prune Impertinente // Deep chocolate with a hint of plum tones (sassy
Moca Garconne // Cool toned chocolate tone (sassy)

Corail Affranchi // Perfect peachy-coral (liberated)
Pink Hedoniste // Muted baby pink (liberated)
Rose Epicurien // Muted pink-lilac (liberated)

Each of the Kiss & Blush's are £27 and will be available at Debenhams and  yslbeauty.co.uk, you know what I'm going to ask now don't you? So who's in? thoughts, opinions?  

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