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Depression | Sunny Side Up

These are all of the profile pictures from my Facebook page over the last seven years. While my life has evolved in so many ways; having children, health problems, moving house, fallouts, fall ins and everything in between there have always been two constants for me over the last twelve years at least. The first is hubster, my rock, my best friend and the most loving and dependable man I know; the second is depression - not dependable, not loving or comforting in the slightest but it continues to sit there just edging into the picture and at times making its presence known whether I'd like it to or not. 

For years I felt dirty, ashamed and uncomfortable about having depression, I saw it as being a weakness. Only crazy people got it (or at least that's what the stigma led people to believe) and I didn't want anyone second-guessing what I was saying or not putting their faith in me due to a temporary condition. 

After a very bad bout of depression as a child that wasn't dealt with purely due to my age, I hit rock bottom. In the years that followed afterward, I made sure I tackled those gutting, dark and depressive feelings as soon as they were about to hit, I would not let it get the better or me and I made a promise to myself and silently to those I loved that I wouldn't let it affect them either.  

I find that I definitely go to a darker place when the season changes, Some people call it S.A.D others call it depression - it is both, but typically it's the darker days and the lack of sunlight that makes it worse. Around that period I ensure that I'm keeping track of my stress levels, I meditate, eat right and recently I added regular yoga into the mix. I also find that my levels of fatigue increase at that point, poor health plagues me and so I figured I would try a few products to see if I could reclaim my natural happy self. With my poor health normally I hate taking medications, I figured natural therapies and treatments were the way forward and..... they were. 

Both products that are featured are by Lumie who are a company that specialise in light therapy products. Light therapy has been used for many years to cure things such as depression, S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder), sleep problems, skincare issues and so much more. You know I'm a stickler for health and will only feature products that genuinely pass my rigorous testing and high expectations. I hate paying for something that's supposed to help and doesn't, especially when you're trying to improve your health - for yourself, your family or your children and that is why you will never see or read about any health products that do not offer excellent results.  

First up is the Brightspark light. On the outside this looks like a standard light, it works in the same way as any other light too but the light inside of it was created to help those with SAD or poor energy levels. 

So how does this work? Think about the recent change to Spring, the light days and how it's affected your mood. Has it made you happier? are you eager to get out in the fresh air and wear looser clothing and layers? 

Sunlight increases serotonin and melatonin. Both are hormones that affect our 'happiness' melatonin controls our sleep patterns and serotonin is called our happy hormone. When these two hormones are in tune with each other our body reacts positively. When one or both hormones are out of sync our body reacts negatively - those negative reactions include SAD, poor health and immune function, overeating, tiredness, and even poor female fertility. 

What I found with this light is I felt a definitely lightening in my first session, it's advisable to use it for around an hour to an hour and a half a day. My eyes didn't scrunch up, I felt less fatigued and I certainly got more work done when I was working with the light on. Another positive is that I can take blog photo's at midnight and it looks like it was taken during the day - the daylight bulb makes an excellent blogging tool. 

I found that my typical seasonal dip never came, I am so positive now - all of the time actually, so much so hubster can't believe how I can see the positive when there were so many negative things going on in our lives a month back. 

It was hard to really get a clear picture of the light on a mobile, it kept reverting the background to black even though it was daytime. As you can see however the light is clear, clean and has a blue tone - any typical night light would be giving off a glaring orange-yellow tone. 

And, this is the little beauty not switched on. You can see how portable it is even though it is very powerful. You can lay it on it's side like it's pictured above, or you can stand it on it's small foot base so it takes on the look of a light tower. 

It's ideal for sitting on a side table, bedside table or even at work on your desk. It really is portable enough for that. The Brightspark costs £115 and you know what, given how well this has worked for me I would absolutely pay double that price. 

The second product is the Bodyclock GO 75. I'm still part way through testing this so will do a further write up on how well it performs but so far, I love it. Again the light in this gives off the appearance of daylight and it works in the same way as the Brightspark in that it helps to increase our sensation of happiness. 

This product doesn't just have a pretty face, it's also multifunctional. 

Don't you hate it when your alarm goes off and you're dragged out of bed half asleep and groggy. I've always found my tiredness never really fades and around midday it becomes a huge problem. The Bodyclock GO 75 helps to regulate your natural sleep and wake cycle. 

You can set the clock to brighten up, simulating dawn 20, 30 and even 45 minutes before your alarm goes off. This ensures your body is gradually woken up before you get up reducing sleep hormones - when you wake up your cortisol is increased making the get up and go response easier. During the day your mood is boosted, energy levels are increased and of course your happiness and positive frame of mind is boosted too. 

As well as having the dimming and brightening daylight feature it also works as a standard alarm clock where you can choose the sound you want to wake up to, I have mine set on a windchimes tune; there's also the standard clock too so it can be as a functional bedside clock. If you prefer the light to be switched off or dimmed you can choose that option also - it really is customisable to your needs and it's certainly made my life so much easier in the morning. My sons no longer think they have a grumpy mummy in the mornings *win-win* 

So far I've found it works really well and I have no concerns or issues with it what so ever, I did have to study the handbook so I could set it but once you've set it up you kinda have a 'how the heck did I not manage that straight away' moment.  I've had the flu recently so I want to continue on with testing this out so I can really see how well it performs over the next few weeks and I'll definitely keep you posted on the outcome guys. 

Do you suffer from S.A.D or any other problems that could benefit from light therapy or have you tried light therapy before? I'd love to know how it worked for you if you have.  

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