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Dior // Cannage Dior Blush

Dior always pull it out of the bag with their packaging, especially their embossed designs. The latest are these utterly gorgeous Diorblush Cannage Edition blush in coral and pink which come packaged in a chic silver compact, the embossing this time around is the Cannage print which is so simple but really wows although I don't think the pattern is as stunning as the Dior Rosy Glow (which just has Dior printed on it but it's lush). 

At this moment in time it's only in the US, Saks in particular as I hear it's exclusive to them. As you know an exclusive item always makes it's way elsewhere and I'm hoping it's going to hit the UK soon - very soon because I can absolutely imagine wearing this in the Summer holidays. 

Use it on your cheeks, eyes, as a highlighter or even on your lips - adding a touch to the cupids bow will give you a lifting plumped up effect. If it does hit the UK I have no doubts that Escentual will stock it because they seem to stock all of the other premium makeup nearly as soon as it launches - love them! 

So... what do you think? is your heart fluttering slightly? 


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