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Easter Bargain // Orly Nail Polish

I love a good bargain especially when it's a beauty product, there are a  RRP is £10.95 but these colours below are currently only £3.99! bargain! These are from Fragrance Direct where Orly started being sold around December time. I mini hauled some of these so I will be showing them in action shortly. Instead of spending £20 on chocolate eggs which you'll only have to exercise off, spend the same on some lush Orly nail polishes? 

Here's the bargainous line up: 

Royal Navy // Gorgeous navy blue with a blue shimmer. This is apart of the In The Navy collection from 2010.
Love Each Other // Cosmic topcoat with fine blue, purple and iridescent sparkles. 
Charged Up // Purple creme polish. 
Liquid Vinyl // Black creme polish. 
Snowcone // Sky Blue Pastel Creme

Hook Up // Bright yellow shimmer. 
Basket Case // Pink creme. 
Snowcone // As before.  
Passion Fruit // Bright pink jelly creme. 
Life's a Peach // Bright peach shimmer.
Hawaiian Punch // Fuchsia pearl shimmer. 

Red Flare // Deep red creme. 
Moonlit Madness // Deep burgundy shimmer. 
Cotton Candy // Pink pastel creme. 
Flagstone Rush // Bronze frost shimmer. 
Fabulous Flamingo // Bright pink shimmer. 
Chantilly Peach // Peach frost, gold shimmer. 
Ruby // Deep red creme. 

Luxe // Gold foil shimmer. 
Mirror Mirror // Grey creme. 
Cut The Cake // Pearl pink glitter. 
Buried Treasure // Taupe frost shimmer. 
Clear // Clear. 
Rage // Rose gold foil shimmer. 
Dazzle // Silver glitter. 

Platinum // White pearl shimmer. 
Lift The Veil // Light pink creme. 
Kiss The Bride // Light pink creme. 
Honeymoon in Style // Sheer peach glitter. 
Toast The Couple // Light peach frost shimmer. 
Seashell // Light pink frost shimmer. 

Red Flare // Deep red creme. 
Terracotta // Bright coral creme. 
Star Spangled // A gorgeous vibrant red with red shimmer. 
Shimmering Mauve // Brown, orange shimmer. 
Cherry Bomb // Red, orange shimmer. 

Sterling Silver Rose // Pink, silver rose shimmer. 
Terra Mauve // Mauve creme. 
Pink Chocolate // Rusty pink creme. 
Velvet Rope // Purple shimmer. 
Sugar Plum // Lavender frost shimmer.
Close Your Eyes // Fuchsia shimmer. 

Yup I totally indulged in five polishes all for the teeny price of £20.95 including p&p. I'm so excited about these polish shades especially the Basket Case and Kiss the Bride. There's lots of bargains on that site and I have used them before so can vouch for them being a genuine and reliable company, they accept the usual payment methods and also Paypal - check them out over on the Fragrance Direct website. 

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