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Empties | March 2014 Beauty

Slightly later again with the empties *oops* but better late than never. I decided last month onwards that I was going to use up the products that I'd started to use so when we moved house we weren't having to throw away any partly used products. Needless to say we're no longer moving (long story) but at least we got our house spring cleaned (yes I packed everything up and then had to unpack everything - not fun!) and used lots of products in the process. 

Here goes... 

Skinetics // I have featured this quite a lot in my empties posts purely because it's amazing. Initially, I tried this two years back and wasn't impressed but coming back to it when my skin was at it's worse, I then realised just how gentle but tough this was. So far I've repurchased this four times and used it my initial press sample and beauty box samples. 

Childs Farm Bubble Bath // (review here) We absolutely adore this brand and absolutely recommend this bubble bath for any skin conscious family. 

Nivea Men Invisible Deodorant // Another ASDA boo-boo, did you expect any less? I always order female deodorant and for some reason, they always send me the men *sigh*. Needless to say, I did use it and it was OK although I much prefer the female Invisible deodorant to this one. 

Nivea Powerfruit Refresh Body Wash // Not a huge fan of Nivea in particular as I feel it dries out my skin but these smelled nice and they're good for shaving my legs haha. The hubster loves them as it's him that typically picks them up when he goes for the shopping - such a lucky lady I am huh. 

Nivea Powerfruit Relax Body Wash // As above. 

Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel // We love this stuff, it's very fluid and although it's marketed as a gel it really doesn't have any gel-like properties to it. It's fluid! It doesn't smell like vodka, it's easy for little hands to use, lasts longer and doesn't dry out your hands. 

Pulpe De Vie Sample // (review here) Honestly I have nothing bad to say about this product, it smells like fresh berries and performs amazingly. It's also a natural skin option and works as an amazing cleanser as well as moisturiser. 

Sjal Pearl Enzyme Exfoliator // (blog post here) I adore Sjal but couldn't warrant their price tags. I've featured other samples in empties posts and loved those too, I'm slightly gutted as my samples have now completely finished *sobs* 

Sjal Balans Pore Cleanser // (blog post here) Normally premium products carry a hefty price tag but don't 

Diptyque Volutes Sample // I received a couple of samples with my Indian Incense candle order and initially hated Volutes as it was really woody and dark. 

Quinoderm 10 Cream // Don't use it. Seriously don't. It's basically a bleach type of skin that takes off the top layers of skin, if you're into the concept of skin peels you may be drawn to try this acne cream but don't. You apply it and it does cause some burning and stinging in certain areas, over a few days it does improve the skin and the cysts or acne spots BUT.... once my skin cleared up I broke out in serious redness across my whole face, my skin puckered up and it hurt like hell. I would scoop out balm and apply it like a face mask and my it would just soak into my skin like a sponge and then pucker right back up. It reminded me of a serious burn I once got but on a larger scale! this went on for just over a week. So not worth the damage guys. 

And there's more... 

Umberto Giannini Overnight Balm // I've had this for a while and I pushed myself to use it, it's OK but not amazing. I say that because it's serving its purpose but just doesn't perform that well that it makes a noticeable difference, honestly I found after a few months my hair just went so dull which is what lead to me not using this for months on end. 

REN // This came in a kit for combination skin. It didn't work that great. End off. 

Steamcream Precious Tin // I ad-o-re Steamcream, the sweet, herbaceous lavender scent is just amazing and my sons all want to apply it [liberally] whenever I have some in my possession, it never lasts long in my household however which is enough to tell you how awesome it is. 

L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream // I loved this cream for years and years. Since blogging I ended up just liking it; it's a fab cream but I found the scent too overpowering and with the influx of new products that I've tried over the years I found this falling lower on my favourites list. 

Australian Bodycare Shampoo // (review here) My favourite brand of shampoo especially since scalp blisters outbreak! because so many products contain wheat or wheat by products I struggled to find a product that helped the itchiness of the blisters as well as cleaning my hair effectively - this brand ticked every single box. 

Monu Spa Body Cream // (review here) If you love Dermaco then you will love Monu as they are the partners (and creators) of the Dermaco brand, they are however much cheaper and you get much more in the jar *yay*. 

Alvera Hand Cream //  Argh, hated it! I got this in a beauty box and while it instantly hydrated it left a dry oil feeling which I hated. 

The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter // (review here) I first tried the Hemp body butter back in December and I instantly thought why the heck hadn't I purchased it earlier! it's my favourite out of the huge body butter selections at The Body shop and I will be buying this again for sure. 

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter // (review here) This is just the same as the Hemp in terms of hydrating and longevity but it smells like sweet strawberry - it's so summery and beautiful. 

Mark Hill Argan Hair Oil // (review here) I adored this hair oil because it really left my hair shiny, soft and manageable but since my gluten lead scalp blisters (this product didn't cause that) I've really been wary about what I use in my hair. If you don't suffer from celiacs I'd recommend this over all hair oils. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo // I have fine combination hair so I have to wash my hair daily, I picked this up because I wanted to at least eek it out to two days because daily washing isn't great for the hair. Well I tried, I failed. The white dry shampoo in this is horrible and I also feel that it leaves my hair looking so limp and dull that I'd just rather wash it. I know I'm probably going to be hated for saying that but for my hair it just doesn't feel too great. 

What empties have you loved and hated recently, link up your empties posts below guys. 


Statement: PR Samples & Purchased Myself

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