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Eye Of Horus // Lazuli Blue Goddess Pencil

I previously reviewed the Eye of Horus Goddess Smoky Eye Pencil in Charcoal and was absolutely thrilled by it, when I'm opting for a dark lash line or smoky eye I do grab my Goddess Pencil and even had the charcoal pencil on today. I was so pleased to find out they had added the Lazuli Blue pencil to their colour line up and ta-da, it's here.  

Stupid me forgot to take the photo of it without the caps, honestly moving home does not mix with blogging - I'm so glad we're settled now and nearly all unpacked (2 boxes left, yay). However, there is a smudger on one end which is super soft and durable. I love the smudgers on these pencils because they make blending an absolute dream. Here's a snapshot of my original charcoal pencil... 

The blue cap hides the silky blue liner. Unlike most other smoky eye liners or even blue toned liners this Eye of Horus liner is Lapis blue and yup that means so much more. Lapis is a deep blue gemstone that has a slight silver shimmer and this liner is not different. See what I mean...

The bottom two lines show the liner swatched on, the top image however shows one of those lines left as is and the one above has been blended. The blended result is definitely suitable for a sultry smoky eye that really pops; when this is layered over your nudes and then your smoky shadows it looks so good and lasts for hours. 

I have naturally oily eyelids (gross, yup) which means that any sort of cream or water based formula's just disappear or make their way into the creases of my lids - this liner stays put firmly! It applies smoothly and doesn't drag and it just feel superior; it's the only way I can really explain it to be honest. 

 If you're not into blue's then you can take your pick from other colours such as the charcoal, bronze, nubian brown, serpentine, teal, smokey, emerald and jewel -you can pick up your own Goddess Pencil from the Eye of Horus website for £13.


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