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Goldsmiths // Little Wishes Collection

Luxury jewellery brand Goldsmiths have recently launched their premium children's collection titled 'Little Wishes' the collection itself is made up of Sterling Silver pieces such as bracelets, necklaces and super sweet charms.  

I have discussed this before but I absolutely believe jewellery to be an excellent gifting option, I love how jewellery collections can be built up over time - as the child grows up they will remember events and memories linked to each piece; I still remember my first necklace that my dad gave me, it was from Argos and it was a teeny tiny little solid gold heart necklace I was around three years old, my next necklace was a gold coffee bean which I adored but unfortunately lost over the years. 

These days most children receive toys which are played with a few times, broken or thrown away; some toys cost £50 some cost £150 - it's a lot of money. Over the years the child forgets about them and really has nothing to show do they. My answer to that is jewellery, even if the child doesn't wear jewellery buying a gorgeous affordable piece that they can have when they get older is an excellent way for them to build up a collection of memories and treasures. 

I decided last year and mentioned in my New Years post that I wanted to rebuild my collection so I did have some nice pieces as well as something to pass along to my sons. I also plan to put money away each birthday as well as purchase more jewellery gifts for the children in my family; the new Goldsmiths Little Wishes collection is an excellent way to do just that. 

The collection is gorgeous and even though I'm no longer a child, I can absolutely see the beauty in these pieces - damn I would even wear most of these pieces! The packaging is so pretty and came housed in a Little Wishes box which ties with a ribbon, inside there was this little soft bag and then the bracelet was inside. My son (yup my son) wanted to try it on and wanted to wear it so I do hope they eventually cater to little dudes; here's Cooper wearing the bracelet. 

The bracelet is adjustable and would fit most age ranges as well as adults with skinnier wrists. This particular piece is made up of the Little Wishes Silver Charm Bracelet (£29) and the Silver Star Charm (£19). 

There are so many different charms that you could really build up to something pretty spectacular, birthday's, big occasions or big events could all be marked with a charm; Summer holidays with the ice-cream cone, passing tests with the owl etc. Take a peek at 'some' of the gorgeousness that is the Little Wishes collection... 

And some more... 

If you want to celebrate a birthday, wedding, event or just show your love for the children in your family I'd absolutely recommend this collection - personally I'm loving the necklace with the heart and crown pendant for myself, check out the collection over on Goldsmiths here


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