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Harvey Willis | Mini Haul

We have the most amazing shop in my local [crappy] town centre called Harvey Willis, it stocks lots of gift products such as jewellery, candles, soft toys, figurines etc but it's the scented products that draw me in and have done for years. 

I rarely hit the town centre but I had to go and collect my new glasses and sunglasses *yay* and figured I should go pick up some Yankee goodness, twenty minutes later I ended up with this little haul and I love every single item. 

First up is the Kringle candle in Warm Cotton (£2.50) - It's a Daylight Candle which is surprisingly big would you believe. It's a clean scent and reminds me of baby powder before it's put into the washing machine, it's so fresh and delicate but still powerful enough to travel round the room, I find some of the cotton scents with Yankee don't travel that far if at all. Initially I only picked up this size of Kringle candle because it was my first brand purchase, the ladies in the shop advised it's created by the same people who created Yankee and that the scents are stronger - they weren't wrong that's for sure. 

This shows just how round the Kringle candle is, this is a travel Diptyque candle and this is larger than the top of it! 

I also picked up a plain glass Yankee Votive Holder (£1.80) and my favourite clean scent - Soft Blanket in the Votive Candle size (£1.50). This is a tricky scent to explain but it's definitely clean with a hint of warmness, like warm blankets out of the tumble dryer. The notes in this scent include Bergamot, Citrus, Blackberry, Cashmere, Vanilla, Powdery Rose and Tobacco Flower with bottom notes of amber, cocoa and musk. I get the freshness from the tobacco flower and citrus but the amber, musk and cashmere are strong in this and oh so good. I do love amber! I even have some amber resin that I keep in my undies drawer just to keep them smelling sexy (not that my drawers would honk without it of course). 

I also picked up a could of the East of India magnets because they're so cute. I'm not normally a soppy type or someone who even collects magnets (I think we have 1 on the fridge-freezer prior to this purchase) so this was completely out of the blue for me but look at them, so-darn-cute. The first one is a little wooden heart (£1.50) that says 'Fashion fades, style stays' and the second is a sweet little girl (£1.99) with 'Women are made to be loved, not understood' on her dress - both of these quotes are what sold them. 

And then there are my tumble gemstones (75p) - I do love my crystals and gemstones and I actually have so many so hubster just rolled his eyes at me when I pulled these out *haha* My favourite tumble stones are moonstone and labradorite but I didn't pick up any labradorite in this haul. Included here is serpentine, smoky quartz, milky quartz, malachite, lapis lazuli and goldstone - there's a few others I can't remember of the top of my head but I adore these. Let me know if you'd like to see a post showing their uses and how I use my crystals guys.

I purchased these from an independent local store and looking at their website I don't know if they sell online or plan to but I'll definitely ask them. I know you guys would love this shop, it's so serene and if you're a human magpie like me - it's like being dropped off in magpie heaven. Their website is here  and they have a Facebook page here also if you wanted to take a peek. 

What do you think? pretty products huh. 


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