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Joe Browns | OOTD Boho Style

I couldn't have a boho theme going could I without showing you some of my lovely new bohemian clothing? I plan to wear this at the weekend but wanted to post beforehand to see what you think, I adore fashion and style but I always realise when I blog about it or read other blogs that my sense of style is so completely different from other bloggers out there. 

I am a dress addict. I would quite happily wear dresses every single day if I didn't have to suffer razor burn from daily leg shaving (waxing is too tough on my sensitive skin and I'm a wimp). The plan was to wear my new outfit *squee* but hairy boy has to work *boo* so I am saving my shiny duds for the weekend when we're hitting the Edinburgh Museum (it's fun, honestly). 

My outfit consists of...

Perfect Paisley Printed Dress | £29.95

I am so glad I ordered the size 12 because my swelling has to lead to me having to opt for a larger size 'just in case' I use to be an 8 but these days I vary between a 10 and a 12. However, this dress doesn't have any stretch so my boobies just fit nicely in the top section. I am a B cup so if you have larger boobs I'd recommend you size up. The dress itself is so pretty, it's a modest length which I love because I hate having to worry about pulling a dress down or showing my butt when the wind blows (I stay in Scotland, that is all of the time). The detailing on this is also amazing, embroidery, beading and even embossing on the teeny heart buttons on the bottom of the dress all show me this was created with a lot of love. 

I debated which dress to choose because I knew I was going to get a new outfit but which one racked my brain for well over 10 days. I picked a few but then realised that they wouldn't suit my shape, were maybe too restrictive or weren't going to be worth the cost per use. This dress is never going to go out of style, boho is firmly here to stay and at £29.95 it's so affordable. It's comfortable so can be dressed up or down, granted it's never going to be worn to a ball or cocktail event but as a summer dress or casual event, it's so lovely. It has large slouchy inbuilt pockets in each side and it's just a dream - I love it. 

I knew I had to get new shoes, I love shoes and really never need any excuse but don't tell hairy boy. I didn't initially plan to purchase any but I saw the dress and then I saw the shoes and they just went together like rhubarb and custard or cupcakes and sprinkles. 

Wonderful Tan Summer Wedges | £29.95

These are the perfect bohemian shoes. Not too high, not too flat and are created with a soft tan material and a raffia type wedge. Because the ankle strap is adjustable I don't need to worry about puffing up in the heat or these being too big (I'm a 3.5, these are a 4). These also look amazing with skinny jeans, they're just so multipurpose and again are never going to go out of style. 

You'll see from the picture some of the products I will use to achieve my bohemian look, the hair products are simply to help me maintain the just woke up hair and were on offer at ASDA's. The bangles and sunglasses were last years Primark and the geode necklace I'm sure it was Not On The High Street. To finish off the boho look I had to use my favourite perfume which is the Aveda 5 Chakra spray which I purchased at the beginning of the year and reviewed previously. 

What do you think? I just want to dance in a meadow of cornflowers this weekend and make some daisy chains for my hair. You can check out Joe Browns bohemian fit clothing and accessories over on their website. I urge you to do so if you like ethical, awesome clothing that's made to last. I'll update you with my 'OOTD' this weekend guys. 


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