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Lancome // Lip Lover Collection

I'm back! and I'm back daily as before, apologies for going missing yesterday but I was packing to move and have since found out we're not moving. This has actually lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and I do see the positive - the positive being that I managed to spring clean my whole house like a champ... now I've just to put it all back again *sigh*

To reward myself for the may-jor clean up that I've done recently I will be popping one of these firmly at the top of my wish list, these are in fact the new Lip Lover glosses by Lancome and they're available in eighteen shades which range from delicate Rose d'Eau to the deep and sultry Electric Air de Violine. They're due to launch this month and the gorgeous Lily Collins is their ambassador - I do love me some Lily Collins, my love affair began with her when I became hooked on the movie 'Abduction' which starred Lily and Taylor Lautner. 

The formula is said to be super shiny but upon application, the gloss smoothes out any dry patches and tone irregularities leaving you with perfect, glossy lips. I'm all for that type of formula as my lips are always irregular due to dry patches on my lower lips (Scottish weather I believe). 

Colours in this collection include:


Ambre Arabesque 
Corail Cabriole 
Orange Manege


Rose d' Eau
Pointe de Rose
Rose Ballet   
Rose Attrape-Coeur
Casse Noisette (beige)
Rose des Nymphes 
Lip Lover
Rose des Cygnes (rose beige)
Belle de Rouge


Beige Adage (purple toned nude)
Rose Gracieuse, Bouquet Final, Air de Violine 
Pas de Prune 
Rose Gracieuse (pink-purple)
Bouquet Final
Air de Violine

What do you make of this line up? are there any shades calling your name? I am loving the Rose des Cygnes nude shade and the Rose Ballet. Although those purples look mighty fine - choices, choices. I love that they've given us eighteen tempting colours to choose from too. 

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