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Leonor Greyl Paris | L'Huile De Leonor Greyl Pre-Shampoo Treatment

I am slapping myself on the wrist because I decided to sort out my drafts folder and came across a few posts that I 'thought' I'd published but clearly hadn't *oops* my bad and I do really feel bad about it because as much as I can blame the complete nightmare of a year we've had so far I do believe that's the easy route - yes we have gone through a lot but I should still be double-checking these things because you guys seriously mean the world to me. This week I plan to get back on track and right back up to date. 

I recently mentioned this awesome product in the likes section of my 'likes & loathes' posts a few weeks back. It's the Leonor Greyl, L'Huile De Leonor Greyl Pre Shampoo Treatment and it's my first foray into the brand. 

I've been using this for a few months now so I can firmly say this product is incredible. Alongside using this treatment I have also been reviewing some supplements, I won't say too much just now because I'll be posting about those shortly but basically using this pre-shampoo treatment and taking those supplements has resulted in me no longer having to use any form of heat appliances - even my beloved GHD's!! *say what* 

The treatment comes in a heavy glass bottle which just feels and looks so substantial in comparison to other hair treatments I've used before. The product itself is oil which means that it can be liquid as shown above or it may harden up when it's in a cool environment due to the coconut oil - both of which forms are perfectly fine. 

I tend to get washed and then just pop this under the hot water tap to liquify and then apply. I then do my eyebrows or de-fuzz my legs and by then I can wash it off and shampoo my hair. I find I need to use less shampoo when I've used this product and my hair doesn't need conditioning. I usually go to bed with damp hair and allow nature to do it's own thang when I wake up I can tell if products are good or bad based on how limp, greasy or lank my hair looks and with this, it actually looks normal, shiny and soft. Because of this, I do not need to do anything to my hair although lately, I've been popping a few bohemian braids in the front section and pinning them back boho style. 

Over time my hair has stopped being frizzy and seems to have naturally wanted to wave, I use to find that when I straightened my hair an hour or so later it would puff up enormously as though it was saying 'noooo I want to be curly, don't force me to be straight' well, I'm not prejudiced so decided to allow it to be curly and I've not looked back since. I fully believe it was due to this product making my hair soft and manageable and since I've stopped using heated appliances the condition has improved greatly *yay* 

You can purchase your own for £26 from Cult Beauty here, I absolutely recommend this product over Argan oil-based oils - coconut oil is the way forward I promise you. 


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  1. This sounds like an amazing product! I don't use heat products very often because of the damage they do to my hair, so if something like this helped to put the natural wave back into my hair and stopped the frizz, (which is why I normally use straighteners), I think I'd be converted!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. Hi Laura,

      Oh I definitely recommend this hun it sounds like it's perfect for your hair. I can't see me ever being without it now if I'm being honest X


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