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Grow Wild // Official Launch

In keeping with the bohemian theme here on Sweet Elyse Blog I wanted to introduce you to Grow Wild - an organisation that transforms community spaces by sowing gorgeous wildflowers, with the help of local youth groups and the local communities of course. I love that they're making use of defunct and derelict areas of land while educating this generation in a fun and lively manner.  

Grow Wild's mission is a positive one for sure and they plan to spread their message and get more people involved over the coming year so please share this post, their website or even the video above with everyone you know *big smile* They've had help from the Big Lottery Fund and plan to send out free wildflower seed-sowing kits to communities and youth groups across the UK, if you feel you can get involved or want to help out I'd urge you to definitely look into it, I know I will be. 

The wildflowers that are sown, while they are beautiful (I adore wildflowers, especially poppies, thistles, and chamomile) they also help to repopulate the area with birds, butterflies, bees and insects making the community far more sustainable and diverse than it is currently; ensuring that further generations will benefit, especially from the pollination aspect. I absolutely believe in taking care of your community and regularly sow wildflowers and vegetables with my son's nursery so love this, I'll be mentioning it to the nursery and school tomorrow, why don't you do the same? By taking part or spreading the Grow Wild word you're actively securing the future for further generations of family and friends. 

Look how beautiful just some of these wildflowers are...

Let's make the UK a far more beautiful place to live in, if we can't have unicorns and glitter and rainbows every day to brighten up the place then wildflowers are just as good in my opinion. Check out the video above and the website which can be found at www.growwilduk.com if you fancied taking a peek. 


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