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Linzi Shoes | Jelly Shoes Are Back!!

My love affair with jelly shoes or joob-joobs as my dad called them was when I was around four years old. My first pair had a teeny heel and were clear with silver sparkling glitter throughout them - they were divine. My second pair were at the age of five and were neon pink - those babies were flat though and I think I wore them out, I seriously thought I was invincible when I wore those shoes. 

Then... the jelly shoes seemed to disappear. They made a return a few years back and yup I was straight on that jelly shoe bandwagon with a pair of Topshop babies, I was really gutted when they never made a return the summer after but, they're back now! Oh yes this summer is going to be awesome. 

I just found out about Linzi shoes because I'd seen other bloggers wearing their shoes, it was in particular the ankle cut out boots that I fell in love with before Christmas but I ended up buying my River Island ones before I realised Linzi shoes sold them. Imagine how excited I was to find they had these in their 'new' section! 

I initially went on because I was looking for a new pair of flats, I have ordered some flat shoes (not ballerina) and have quite a few on my wish list but I'll blog about that separately. I love that they have boho inspired shoes, some will hate them just like these jelly shoes but I lurve them so much; I think this time though I will be picking up some opaque ones rather than glitter, and unlike my younger self I'd rather keep to a shade that's not as neon as my previous neon pink ones. There's two styles available, the Christie is more streamlined and the front is a bit more feminine, the Sandy style is more chunky - it has the striped bar fronts which is really the typical jelly style. I prefer the Christie, especially in the coral and light blue although the black is so multi-functional. 

Here are the colours available...
  • Sandy - orange (not pictured), clear glitter, dark glitter, black, opaque white, cream, mint green, lilac and pink.
  • Christy - bright yellow, clear pink, clear grey, black, white, mint green, baby blue, clear, coral and pink.
So if like me you're loving these *high five* the Christy style costs £10 each or two for £18 and the Sandy style costs £12 or two for £22, they're all available from the Linzi shoes website. Who's going to put their jelly foot forward this Spring?

Which colour would you choose? 

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