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Living Nature // Summer Bronze Pressed Powder

I'm a huge fan of the Living Nature brand and feel so happy that they received a few highly commended awards in the latest Natural Beauty awards. It was this product in particular that made the cut in the blusher category and I absolutely agree it deserves it's place in that category - I'm surprised it never won if I'm being completely honest. 

I've reviewed a few products from Living Nature and I've always been blown away by their performance, I also love that they are ethical, natural and SAFE! Other winners in the Natural Beauty Awards from this brand includes the Living Nature Soft Lights Illuminating Foundation (£29.50), Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser (£28) and of course the product I have below; Living Nature Summer Bronze Pressed Powder (£29). 

The bronzer comes in a heavy black metal flip up case with it's own soft bristled brush, it feels really substantial in weight and just so luxurious. The bronzer is quite large so is going to last for a long time and I especially love the branded embossing on the powder - what can I say I'm a sucker for a good pattern. 

This bronzer is not like most others where you have to match the shade to your skin, you have to apply it liberally for fear of looking caked or the type of bronzer that settles into creases - at first glance this like many others looks quite matte but as soon as you take a closer peek you'll notice it shimmers with the finest golden highlight. The formula itself is created with minerals and if you've ever used mineral cosmetics you'll know just how light and natural they feel on the skin, this bronzer is no exception, I do feel it's the lightness of the minerals that stops it from sliding all over the place and settling in creases on the skin. 

You'll see from the swatch that it initially looks matte, this mattifying effects helps to give the skin that HD sunkissed look everyone's trying to achieve at this point in the year. I am super light skinned so had it stayed that dark I wouldn't have been able to use it; if you blend it in you're left with this most amazing sunkissed golden shimmery tone (on the right) that just highlights the right places on your face to leave you looking radiant. 

I also use this as an eyeshadow because I am loving my nudes right now, most nudes can leave you looking too nude but because this has that shimmer it absolutely looks amazing as a stand alone blusher or eyeshadow also. If you suffer from oily eyelids I would recommend also using this as a nude base before applying colour or as your daywear shade because it seems to have some type of anti-ageing property where it smoothes crepey skin and evens out the skin tone while staying firmly put all day long. 

You can check out this product and the rest of the collection from www.livingnature.com if you fancy ordering I suggest you either call Botanical Brands who are the UK official retailers of the brand on 0845 2508455 or email them on info@botanicalbrands.com. They are social so you could ask any questions by Tweeting them or visiting their Facebook page *phew* plenty of options. If you're like me chances are you'll have a ton of questions about any new brand you're trying out - I personally have always found them more than helpful and I absolutely believe they are one of the most ethical and caring brands out there for worry worts like myself.  

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