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Lush | Free Error 404 Bath Bomb...?

Those crafty peeps at Lush have invented an incredibly special Easter product guys; the product in question is pictured above (it called for a mah-hoosive picture) and it's called the Error 404

Invented by Lush's Digital Director who has no doubt come across many Error 404's in his time created the bomb with the heady notes of rosewood, rose, geranium and YLANG-YLANG! Be still my beating heart, ylang-ylang is one of a few notes I have a serious weakness too.  This bomb is the perfect way to end any stressful day, especially those days that make you want to literally rip your computer from the wall or your laptop from your er, lap and throw it out of the nearest window. 

Other than it's awesome ingredients this bomb is pre-tee-ee special because it's only available to those who find it this week and this week only. There are limited numbers so go and search for your FREE Error 404 bath bomb now. If you really can't find it I may have put a little clue over on my Facebook Page, go check that out or just hit the Lush website, straight away. If you're popping by my Facebook page come say hi if you have a moment. 

Make mistakes, have fun and get your Lush on bay-bee! I have found one already so will be posting about it as soon as it arrives *yay* 

* Nothing to Disclose *

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