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Lush // Mini Boho Inspired Haul

Everyone loves a good Lush haul, don't they? Well, I went and done it. Only a small haul mind but still amazing because it's LUSH! I adore Lush as a brand and what they represent, I adore that they try to stay as ethical as possible and consider the air miles and livelihood of the workers that help produce their awesome ingredients. 

Enough about that *gets off high and mighty horse* I've always found their products really are a treat, it's easy enough to get a gift for example from Boots or even Harvey Nichols but they just don't hold that special excitement that comes from purchasing or getting a Lush product do they? the colours, the scents, the way that the product works are all so kooky and unique that it's exciting, I can never wait until bath time but the difficulty comes when you have to choose what to use first 

Four little products that really pack a punch, you could smell them while they were wrapped - hairy boy knew exactly what was in the packaging because you can't really ever hide a lush haul, can you? I definitely love my bubble bars and so do my sons, hubster prefers the bath bombs although I think I went a bit too girly with the choice, take a peek at what I picked up... 

A French Kiss Bubble Bar (£4.25) // This is my favourite bubble bar for sure although I normally don't veer towards products with lavender simply because I like to try new things - lavender, however, is amazing for many ailments including sleep issues and for me sleep is an issue. Relaxing with this lovely bubble bar before bedtime definitely winds me down and the virgin coconut oil in this soothes my dry skin. 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (£2.60) // This reminds me of the super sweet Rockstar soap but in bubble bar format. The Creamy Candy bubble bar is definitely value for money and you can go all out for a super bubble bath or just use a little bit - wave it around in the bath or crumble it seems to do the trick. The scent is of candy floss and the bar itself contains almond oil and cocoa butter to leave you with velvety soft skin. 

Think Pink (£2.50) // Sweet vanilla, neroli and tonka (love tonka) fragranced ball of pinkness. This bath bomb is incredible pink and sweet; not only does it leave you with a girly pink bath it also has little rice paper hearts in it that float on your bath. I wasn't aware of that until I had popped it in my bath of course so it was really exciting once they started to float - so excited I collected a few to show my sons. 

Bohemian Soap (£varies) // I couldn't have a mini boho haul without the Bohemian soap, could I? This soap is very much a boho soap because it makes you happy, light and free-spirited - the lemon oil is an incredible mood booster and this little soap is the perfect addition to any wake-up routine. 

I can seriously spend a fortune, especially on the fresh face masks. There's no need for me to really tell you this but you can pick up these from your local Lush store or on their website also. What's your favourite Lush product or is there a product you plan on trying for the first time soon? 

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