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Monk Shoes // The 'IT' Shoe

Monk Shoes

River Island Chelsea Boots (£38) / ASOS Perrie Heels (£55) / Topshop Adder Grey Boots (£40) / KG Kurt Geiger Luther Shoes (£72) / ASOS YMC Navy Shoes (£110) / Dr Martens Red Joey Shoes (£110) / Russell & Bromley White Grosvenor Shoes (£110) / Russell & Bromley Black Grosvenor Shoes (£175)

Just like clothing shoes go through a style phase, platforms, wedges, metal additions and flats have all been 'IT' shoes at one point or another. Last year Creepers and Brogues were huge and brogues still continue to be a shoe of choice for some people but this year the brogues should be put on the back burner because the Monk Shoe is the next best thing. 

The Monk shoe is typically a flat shoe although there have been midi and higher heeled shoes and boots launching, normally there is one, two or three buckles that fasten off to one side - it's that detail that makes it a 'monk' shoe. The great thing about these 'it' shoes is that they go with absolutely everything, jeans, skorts, skirts and shorts - you name it these are going to pair perfectly. Plus when the next it shoe launches these are still so classic that they aren't really ever going to go out of fashion, I suppose that's why they're called it shoes huh. 

Celebrities are getting in on the act and the most surprising of all celebrities for me was, Victoria Beckham. Yes the VB who lives in skyscraper heels is wearing monk shoes see, 

And the thing is she actually looks incredible, it's so refreshing to see her laid back these days, I love where she's taking her career, style and life at the moment and her VB collection is out of this world. Who agrees? 

From the line up above I am absolutely coveting the boots, the Russell & Bromley white cut outs and the ASOS Perrie Heels, do you think you'll be swapping your brogues for monk shoes this season? 

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