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Nars // SS14 New Lipgloss Launches

Nars have reformulated their lipglosses and this collection is the end results. There are loads of shades to choose from which I love because it's always easier to find a few shades that stand out in a large line up whereas an amazing small lineup is so hard! 

This collection is due to launch in the UK in May this year just in time for my birthday *yay* 

The lip gloss offers a natural but glamorous shine that's suppose to leave your lips feeling silky soft and nourished. There are thirty shades in the collection with seven absolutely new colours as well as twenty-three iconic shades all in a range of finished from cream, glitters, shine and shimmers. 

Colours that have a * on the left are the new colours, here's the lineup: 

Angelika // Pink cotton candy with gold 
Belize // Mauve-pink with gold 
Chihuahua // Sheer guava 
Dolce Vita // Sheer dusky rose
Eternal Red // Bright red-orange
Easy Lover // Super sheer hot pink
Giza // Sheer nectar
Greek Holiday // Sparkling pink sand 
* Istria // Pink glace 
Misbehave // Sheer cherry with gold 
Orgasm // Peach-pink with delicate shimmer
Ophelia // Strawberry
Priscilla // Bright pink
Risky Business // Warm raspberry
Rose Gitane // Sheer sangria
* Salamanca // Flamingo pink
* Sixties Fan // Pomegranate 
Stella // Calm raspberry
Scandal // Sheer cherry
Sweet Dreams // Pink shimmery grapefruit
Stolen Kisses // Caramel pink sparkle 
Super Orgasm // Pink-peach with gold glitter
Striptease // Nude 
Supervixen // Sheer mauve 
Sweet Revenge // Sheer pink grapefruit
* Tasmania // Cantaloupe pink
Triple X // Clear 
Turkish Delight // Pink sherbet 
* Quito // Bright strawberry toned pink
Wonder // Sheer mandarin with pink and gold

Whatcha think guys? excited? I love the line-up but they're not quite getting me so excited that I have to put them to the top of my wishlist. Once launched you'll be able to purchase them from House of Fraser.


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