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Nourkrin | 8 Week Update

I've previously discussed my hair issues which included huge amounts of hair fall out daily. My hair had gotten very fine, patchy especially around the hairline and overall the whole situation was deeply upsetting and had affected my confidence immensely. I was at that point willing to try anything and you know I even looked into the hair transplant as an option, of course, I would never have taken that route unless it had worse but that's how upset I was with my hair. 

I've always been someone who believes in treating issues naturally or as gently as possible so for me to consider surgery was a huge shock - I've never classed myself as being vain but it was only when my hair had started to get so thin that I realised I am attached to my hair more than I could have imagined; hair for me makes me feel feminine, it makes me feel confident and it makes me feel like 'me' I can change it depending on my mood, style and current season and it's my safety net - I can use it to hide from the outside world and to make me look confident. 

My hair loss came from early menopause, celiacs and scalp problems only made the hair loss increase and as anyone who suffers from these conditions knows it is very hard to get control of the situation. Most ladies suffer some degree of hair loss at some point in their lives yet they feel ashamed to discuss it or to seek appropriate help; I want to change the stigma attached to female balding and hair loss. 
I decided to put some supplements to the test and after a lot of research found that Nourkrin had the most amazing reviews and I loved the ethics behind their products. Rather than trying the supplements and then giving you a product review I decided to first try a high street favourite and see what results those gave before starting the Nourkrin; that way I'd have a base to judge the Nourkrin off. 

The supplement I picked up was Seven Seas Radiant You, these babies are pink! you simply take one a day and I took these for 8 weeks. The overall results weren't visible and I was seriously disappointed, my scalp remained the same, my hair was all over the place - greasy one day, limp the next and the fallout remained the same. My nails, however, were less dry so I can give points for that. My skin absolutely didn't benefit from these supplements either. In all honesty, seeing the results of the Seven Seas supplements left me nervous about trying the Nourkrin supplements. 

I was kindly sent six months supply and like the Seven Seas, you take two tablets per day, one in the morning and one at night. The tablets themselves don't have any taste which is a fantastic bonus as I've taken supplements before that have tasted like beef, space raiders and fruit (of course not all at the same time). 

At first, I never noticed any change within the first four weeks, around the five-week mark I noticed that my hair fall out had decreased significantly and I was no longer left with hand fulls of hair when I was in the bath or brushing it in the morning. Normally the fall out left me anxious and upset so along with the decreased fall out my anxiety levels decreased also. 

I had been using Leonor Greyl pre-shampoo treatment and these days I no longer need to use electric appliances such as GHD's, hair dryers or curling wands - my hair these days is soft, manageable and naturally does its own thing which certainly makes life easier. Before I had to straighten my hair and even then it wanted to frizz everywhere, tying it up left the thinner parts too visible - now that I can choose to wear my hair up or down I feel more normal I suppose. 

This photo was taken 8 weeks ago, my hair was straightened here and was sitting just below my shoulders (on the right), the photo on the left was taken two days ago and my hair was natural, not styled and even though it was wavy it was sitting on my chest; had I straightened my hair it would sit underneath my chest - this growth is pretty impressive don't you think especially since it's only been two months. I still have another four months to go. 

As vain as it seems I now feel more womanly. My hair still has fallen out but only a few hairs at a time, I know it's going to grow more and the condition will improve over time but honestly, if my hair remained how it is today I'll be one happy lady. 

Ingredients in the supplements include: 

D-Biotin // This extract not only improves hair loss but it also improves other conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, depression, nail condition and diabetes. 

Acerola Cherry Extract // Rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, riboflavin and niacin this extract makes the perfect addition to these supplements. 

Horsetail Extract //  This extract contains natural silica which is fantastic for hair; silica is naturally found in everything from rocks, sand and even the human body - shine, less breakage, strength and an increase in overall hair health is the benefits of this extract alone. 

Marilex // Extract from deep-sea fish. Fish oils are great for reducing inflammation, improving strength within the body, regulating blood sugars, improve flaking or peeling hair and scalp conditions and speed up healing - you can see why this would improve and strengthen the hair. 

Silicon Dioxide // This may sound like nothing special but this ingredient is pretty huge, it helps with hair loss (of course) but it also helps digestive disorders, strengthen bones, improve memory and brain function and improves skin healing; it's said that silicon (not silicone) helps to boost collagen production which keeps us youthful and our skin plumped and healthy looking, it has a similar effect to our hair and nails also. 

Overall I would absolutely recommend these supplements to any lady who is suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, hormonal imbalances that have left your hair with more fall out and even those with healthy hair that you want to take care off. It's easy to put a product on your hair but it's only a temporary measure and with things such as your hair you really need to think long term. Feeding your hair with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients just like the rest of your body is the best way forward. 

You can purchase Nourkrin from directly as well as Boots - they do offer supplements and hair products for both men and woman. I will keep on taking the supplements and I am going to start trialling the scalp lotion so I will definitely be updating you on the progress - honestly, I am so excited and can't wait to see what changes happen in the next 4 months. 

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