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NYX // Macaron Lippies Collection

If you love the bright pastel colours from Lime Crime or OCC Lip Tars you're going to love this more affordable collection which has been released in the US today by NYX. The collection which has been called the Macaron Lippies collection consists of twelve yummy macarons coloured creamy lipsticks - this collection certainly isn't for the faint-hearted. 

While this has launched today over on the NYX website we do have a while before they hit the UK *sobs* NYX USA does offer international delivery but chances are you're going to get them far easier by either waiting or trying Ebay.com 

If you're a fan of bright colours you're going to love these bright oranges, limes and blues but if you're not a hipster or just aren't adept at having lots of people looking at your lovely lips then this may not be the right collection, I fall into the latter group and absolutely hate (in person at least) drawing any type of attention to myself. I would absolutely wear the two purples, the pink and I'd like to give the light grey lippy a shot even if it never gets worn except on Halloween. 

The shades in the collection are...

Rose // Lavender pink
Orange Blossom // Orange
Key Lime // Lime green
Blue Velvet // Electric blue
Violet // Royal purple
Pistachio // Mint green
Citron // Yellow
Earl Grey // Powdery blue
Lavender // Lavender
Black Sesame // Light grey
Coconut // White
Chambord // Black 

The lipsticks cost $6 on the NYX website which is around £3-4  although I do think they'll be around the £6 mark when they launch in the UK. I'd love to know what your thoughts are on this one and if there are any colours that you would try? 


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  1. I want to try the purples! And id like to note how happy I am that they actually spelled Macaron right, not macaroon!

    1. I absolutely agree Su, so many people say 'macaroon' don't they. I also love the purple, have you tried any of these yet? x


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