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Ryan Gosling | You're Welcome

Another lighthearted post to celebrate Spring. I definitely feel positive, inspired and ready for taking on the world - it's just the mentality that comes with Spring I suppose and along with that positive mentality is the appreciation for fine specimens such as Mr. Gosling here. 

Keeping in tune with the whole bohemian theme I have going on for Spring, bohemian is a way to describe being free spirit so I am throwing caution to my trusty piece of paper that makes me a Mrs. Hubster and saying 'heck yes! Mr. Gosling, you are one fi-yn-e piece of man-candy woot-woo' 

Keeping in mind we're throwing caution to the wind guys, wouldn't you love Mr. Gosling to put a ring on it? Touching your legs and feeling your chesticles? If so, keep reading...

Mr. Gosling for your legs, ring finger, and chesticles!! WAY-HAY! 

The best part is that the t-shirt on the top row on the right is from PRIMARK of all places - Primark I tell ye. It's also in-store now for the bargainous price of £6 but will go fast, hit the shop before these hit eBay cause you know they're going to sell for oh so much more than that - Primark buying meanies *waves fingers *

You can find The Notebook, notebook; get it, I was literally rolf-ing at that', leggings, t-shirt and the Colour Me Good (Mr. Gosling, we will colour you go-oo-oo-d book from an awesome little store I found while on the hunt for Gosling goodies. The store is La La Land they actually have lots of cute, quirky goodies so definitely check them out. 

Who's feeling the print guys? I wouldn't recommend teaming the leggings with the tee but you know if you're feeling a tad cray-cray one day - go wild. If you're going on a date, meh I'd give it a miss. 


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