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I blogged about the Skin Shop's Melissa and Liquorice Lip Gel yesterday and how amazing it is, I was also asked if I wanted to review the Dry Eye Gel around the same time and I said yes. I'm asked a lot if I want to review products which is really nice but typically I reject many of them - in the beginning I would have said yes to exciting products but these days I no longer see the point in saying yes to a product I really wouldn't use if I wasn't blogging. 

My eye area is a sore point for me and one that I particularly take care off because it's one of the first areas where wrinkles creep up isn't it, I also handle my smile lines too because those look horrid when they get really crevice like don't then - I don't want to wait until these issues because unfixable hence the reason I've used anti-ageing products for years (since I was thirteen would you believe, that's now well over seventeen years!!) and I'd say it's been helpful as I'm still I.D'd for DVD's and alcohol etc. Because of my longtime use of products that target these areas I'd say I'm a definite snob, I know what works and what doesn't. I'm aware of what products are all hype and what should get more hype and this gel falls into the latter category. 

The gel is created using no animal products *yay* and only includes natural ingredients, I love this and would much prefer to use a natural ingredient based products than a chemical laden one even if it meant using the product for longer to see results. Skin absorbs whatever is put on it and the delicate eye area absorbs far quicker than say the cheeks, because of this you really need to consider what's popped on there - would you chance to damage your eyes? your health? nope neither would I. The star ingredient is Cardiospermum which comes from the soapberry family and is also *chuckles* known as Love in a Puff *hahaha*. Funny name aside this ingredient is an antioxidant, collagen booster and an anti-inflammatory and is perfect for reducing under eye puffiness, renewing collagen production and congestion - these, of course, will lead to darker 'bags', fine lines and discolouration. 

On the skin, the gel is cooling, absorbs quickly and feels light on the skin. When it was hot last week I popped it in the fridge in the morning because I had got burnt (badly polymorphic due to allergies, medications and poor health), come night time applying this was amazing and so soothing. I really recommend this for those who wear glasses also, have eye strain, want to tackle the first signs of ageing or just want to nip any signs of ageing in the bud!

The Dry Eye Gel comes in a 15 ml tube just like the Lip Gel but this costs £6.95 from the Skin Shop. Similarly, a small amount is needed and this will last months if you're using it twice daily for sure. 

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