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Sleek Cosmetics | Bronze Blocks

Sleek Bronze Blocks guys, these are a MUST buy! I've been really getting into my blushers and bronzers recently simply because my cheeks are no longer as healthy looking and I feel I lack radiance when I have nothing on. As a child and even up until about a year or so ago I actually didn't wear bronzers and blushes because my cheeks were naturally rosy, getting into blushers was scary and bronzers just scared the beejezus out of me if I'm being honest. 

I tend to work best with powders because I start off with a little bit of colour and build it up. Creams I've found aren't that great for my combination skin type and stains just don't look that great. My favourite blushers and bronzers were Clinique Cheek Pops because of the smoothness of the formulation and the ability to blend until my heart's content. I've tried a few more branded ones since then which simply made me realise how incredible these Bronze blocks are. 

There are two colourways which are either light or dark. It's easy to tell which is which. There are four highly pigmented shades within each block and unlike their other bronzer, this formula is more satin than shimmery which is incredible for 30 year+ skin types where excess amounts of highlight can make you look older than you actually are. 

The dark block is suited to darker skin tones but can also be used in contouring to give definition and shape to the face. I'm not quite at that stage in my makeup application and have actually worn the peach-brown colour on its own as well as working as an eyeshadow. The two lighter shades in this palette also work as a highlighter because they have the teeniest amount of shimmer in them compared to the darker colours, which are just matte. 

you can see from the fingertip swatches that the colour payoff is pretty incredible and far surpasses what you would get with the more luxury brands. These swatches were lightly done, so much so you can't even see a dent in the actual palette, can you. 

The light palette is suited to lighter skin tones all the way up to olive toned skin. You can use each of these shades individually and the pink tone is my favourite for sure, it's perfect for giving you that natural, dewy, fresh look that's not too full on and it also works as an amazing base eyeshadow too. You'll notice that the pink has some shimmer in it which enables this to work as a highlighter to some degree, under the brow bone and over the eyelids or the inner corners of your eyes is where I'd recommend using this pretty shade. 

You're actually supposed to use the block altogether, getting your brush and swirling it (lightly) over all four colours and applying that way to enhance your tan while naturally illuminating your face also. The formulation is so soft and velvety and I feel it definitely decreases the look of pigmentation marks and creases - especially on the eye area. 

Each of these blocks costs an affordable £7.49 and you can pick these up over on the Sleek Cosmetics website. I'm seriously crushing on this brand right now, can you tell? 

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  1. I too love Sleek at the moment. I've just picked up a couple of their products which are amazing and really good quality.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. Oooh which ones did you pick Laura? I just can't fault Sleek where as I find it's pretty hit and miss with most other brands, even the more luxe ones too x


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