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Sleek | i.Divine Del Mar Vol 1 Palette

This is my second i-Divine palette from Sleek Cosmetics, my last being the i-Divine Candy Collection (i-Divine Candy Collection review) which was incredible so I honestly had no doubts that the Del Mar Vol 1 palette would be anything other than incredible also. 

If you not heard of the Sleek i-Divine palettes before then they're basically these incredible eyeshadow palettes which contain twelve varied shades typically in varied formulations, with the exception of the Ultra Matte V1 palette which is er, ultra-matte. What I will say is that regardless of which palette you purchase you are promised that each shade is absolutely jam-packed with pigmentation - most brands promise to offer highly pigmented eyeshadows but fall flat upon application, Sleek on the other hand always follow through with that promise. 

Take a peek at the Del Mar V1...

Ta-da! beautiful springtime shades aren't they. It was Balearic Beat that stood out and absolutely sold this palette for me personally. 

Lounge Lovers // This is a warm shimmery gold that's delicate but can be built up easily. 
Poolside // This looks like it's light blue but it's actually darker on that it looks. Matte finish. 
Sunset Strip // Orange! incredibly wearable orange.
Ambience // This is the deeper purple out of the palette and is more of a satin finish also. 
Chilled Out // A satin shimmery white. 
Blue Marlin // Deep blue matte - it's incredible, especially for a smoky eye. 

Opening Party // This has the teeniest amount of shimmer but is a bold purple. 
On The Rocks // This is a coral-orange with a shimmery finish. 
Talamanca // Matte nude-beige. 
Feel Euphoric // A satin coral-pink with a teeny amount of shimmer. 
Balearic Beat // Full packed matte lime - it's lush! 
Paradise // Matte lilac - very pigmented. 

These swatches were just lightly applied swatches, I shall upload wet swatches to Instagram this weekend for sure so keep your eyes peeled on that. 

I love that these palettes carry a theme, most brands seem to pick a name and a colour palette that doesn't have any sort of link between them, this does. I absolutely see the sun, sea and sand theme from this and the link between that and the title 'Del Mar' which means 'of the sea.' I love that these colours as much as they are bright are all absolutely wearable either as eyeshadows or as eyeliners, or both. 

These palettes cost £7.99 which is incredible because the formulation of these is even far superior to my Dior eyeshadows. The pigmentation is akin to premium brands, honestly, I know I'd be silly to pay three times that price or more for any other brand. I think the problem with some beauty lovers is that they view Sleek as being in the same category as MUA or Elf which are both fabs but the pigmentation just doesn't compare. 

You can check out the many i-Divine palettes Sleek have on offer as well as their other products (I've yet to find a bad one) over on the Sleek website


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  1. Of course I saw this palette right after I bought the BH cosmetics Eyes on 60's palette. Nice review! http://mimi-amoderndayhijabi.blogspot.com/


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