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The Body Shop // Early Harvest Raspberry Collection

Another exciting new collection by The Body Shop hit stores yesterday - Early Harvest Raspberry Collection consists of five amazeballs (ugh hate the word but it describes this oh so well) products for your body. 

I maybe slightly biased with this I do want to pre-warn you, it was only yesterday I was gushing about my love for perfume notes - raspberry was in that line up. I adore a true, juicy raspberry note and apparently this collection hits every single zingy, summery berry note. If you've ever tried any of the fruity products before you'll know how true they are to their real counterparts so this should be on your Summer must have products guys - you know it, I know it and The Body Shop knows it. 

Apparent from this being created with the perfect berry, those pretty berries were also picked earlier than normal so their antioxidant properties were kept intact - this means that your skin is going to be hit with fresh raspberry scent that actually helps to keep you looking youthful, glowing and radiant; high five to The Body Shop. 

So what's included in this lineup?.....  

Raspberry Eau de Toilette // I want it! Fresh, sweet raspberries in a 30ml spray size for £8.50. 

Raspberry Shower Gel // Low cost and affordable, what a treat for all of the family and at 250ml for £4 it's not going to break the bank. 

Raspberry Body Butter // This is suppose to smell of fresh summery raspberries, I hope it does because it would be incredible especially for this lovely heat wave we're having huh. £13 for 200ml 

Raspberry Body Scrub // Having tried the blueberry scrub I can only imagine how amazing this is going to be. The blueberry is very zingy and lathers nicely, this raspberry version also costs £12.50 for 200ml.  

Raspberry Body Lotion // Lightweight and easily absorbed, this body lotion comes in a 250ml size for £8

Oh there's also a coupon code so you can save £10 if you spend £25+ *yay* simply enter code 14673 at checkout on The Body Shop website peeps. Which one are you going to purchase first? Me it's the EDT and the body butter for sures. 


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