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Today I'm Me | 2D Makeup Bag

Today I'm Me is a brand that I only recently heard about while I was looking for something a little bit different to normal high street offerings. What I have noticed is that the older I'm getting the more I'm appreciating [and somewhat craving] good lines, classic colours and less overall fuss. Don't get me wrong I love a good pattern and colour palette and I could literally turn my life into a rainbow but I find I become quite cluttered and disorganised; kinda like a kid in a candy shop. 

Recently I've changed quite a lot of things in my life from my decor, makeup and clothing to a much more subdued palette. I was just moaning to hairy boy that I would like new bedding - plain white with no colours but some detailing ideally from lace, textured or embroidery. Just like the bedding I've been craving more neutral everything - hair, walls, carpets and well everything.

So how does my need for change relate to Today I'm Me? well the brand makes the most awesome bags that link my love of fun style but in a sophisticated way that my newly found classic edge approves of, chances are you've seen the latest 2D and 3D Pixelated style bags that are growing in popularity, you may have bought one or you may have 'wanted' to buy one but realised you weren't quite hipster enough to rock it - I nearly bought one, but realised I would look too hipster! as a 30 something with 3 sons, this was a huge no-no in their opinion. 

Today I'm Me's bags are the same sort of style! take a peek at some of their range in the header image - awesome huh. The smaller monochrome clutch bag pictured above and below is what I chose and here it is... 

It's the lowest priced bag on the website and is marketed both as a clutch or as a makeup bag. I personally love it as a clutch but I did try it out as a makeup bag initially and it fits so much product which really surprised me because it looks as though it wouldn't that much at first glance as do all of these styled bags, but this really does fit everything you could need. 

It's made from a wipeable rubber material that's flexible so you don't need to worry about your mascara running and bleeding through or your phone getting damaged from the rain (or by being dropping). As I mentioned I did use it as a makeup bag but then needed something small and unofficial at the weekend and this ticked every box, hubster wasn't too chuffed by the makeup pile on the floor after it all got dumped out while I was rushing though haha. 

The price range varies for these bags and they're definitely save worthy pieces that are going to last you a long time. This particular clutch however is an affordable £27 and you can check it out as well as the rest of the Graphite Me and Colour Me collections on the Today I'm Me website. 

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