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Turtle Doves // Luxury Eco Style

The beginning of April marks the first of many bohemian inspired posts on Sweet Elyse Blog. The first being this one which is featuring the most amazing Eco-friendly company - Turtle Doves. 

At Christmas Santa very kindly brought me some super cosy fleece G-Star mittens. They're pink knitted on the outside and super fluffy soft fabric on the inside and from the moment I received those my youngest son Rome has been asking for a pair. Every afternoon on the school run I hear 'mummy have you found me a pair' and my answer is 'nope' see I can't find something as soft as he is asking for in his teeny little hand size. Last week he then asks me 'mummy do you have any wrist bands?' and proceeded to steal my bangles huffing that they weren't right. See he wanted to play WWE Wrestling with one of his brothers and he wanted John Cena wrist cuffs so he could be a real wrestler. 

The next morning Mr Postman popped this parcel through the door. It really couldn't have come at a better time - opening up the parcel I was so impressed to find this cute hand stamped bag with 'Great British Design That Doesn't Cost The Earth' This makes me very happy because I do like to be a conscious consumer and living a karma lifestyle is important to us as a family. Recycling is a genius way of playing for us to all play our part, I have tried to recycle many items before and I could only ever get as far as quilt making and could only dream of being able to make something so beautiful. 

My Turtle Doves cashmere (yup real cashmere guys) hand warmers are incredible. One size fits all and they sit nicely on my little monster as well as myself and hubster. They are made to a flawless standard and you would never have guessed these were from a small company - honestly, these would fit into premier stores such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols with ease. 

While the weather should be easing up I do suffer from Renaud's disease as apart of my other autoimmune conditions; this means my blood doesn't flow too well and my hands (and the tip of my nose for some strange reason) can go icy blue and feel icy cold. Having a pair of hand warmers is an excellent idea and let's be fair the UK weather isn't really too warm right now and in the spring, team these with your cosy cardi and you're good to go. Another benefit is mobile use! it's such a nightmare when you pop on your gloves only to get a call or an important text, you whip off those gloves and brrrrr! 

As you can see from the main image Rome claimed my super soft baby grey hand warmers for his own and hasn't taken them off since they arrived. Ever since that day I haven't managed to steal them away so I shall be purchasing another pair, I absolutely love the soft grey shade but there are lots of other colours available such as baby blue, light camel, minty green and even cerise on the Turtle Doves website. Each pair costs £20 and they are oh-so-soft, like seriously baby soft guys and absolutely worth every single penny. You can check out their reviews on Facebook and of course Tweet Turtle Doves too. 

P.S they have the cutest little cashmere baby collection coming out soon *wink* I'm guessing we all know someone who's due a bambino this year and purchasing gorgeous neutrals is so hard. These would make an excellent gift - dammit I want adult cashmere booties, never mind the bambinos. 

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